Glasgow Rangers

The Melbourne Glasgow Rangers Supporters Club started in September 1981 although not officially launched until 1983.

The beginnings were in progress when Frank Barrett and Gordon Hughes, two punters from Partick got the club going.

Gordon and Frank had been going to games over many years through the good and bad times and used to frequent the Rosy Bar and The Windsor & Wilsons (to name a few.) "BYRES ROAD HULLO THERE".

Gordon went to Skippyland in 1980 and Frank in 1981 and to find out there was no supporters club and no information about the Gers prompted them to do something about it.

After many calls to the supporters club association (DAVIE MILLER) etc we were in, our first meeting had a varied bunch, one Welshman who liked the Gers, three of the Weatherspoons John, Hughie and Wullie from Parkheid although Wullies days were spent in Brighton or Bridgeton to be more socially correct and he would never say he lived in Parkheid.

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