Give the POMS a go...

In light of the Socceroos stunning win against England (in England) last week (Feb 2003) a Melbourne newspaper reported games that the English might stand a chance of winning...

- Morris Dancing
- Bingo
- Tiddlywinks
- Cluedo (poms do make good detective shows)
- Royal tennis (who plays it except the poms)

As a proud Aussie who spent a number of years living in the UK, the one come-back the Poms always had was "you have never beaten us in soccer". Then would follow the reminders of World Cup glory (66) and so on.

Did I feel bloody good that morning, watching the tv from my Melbourne home. Harry Kewel was sensational. I wished I could have picked up the phone and called the lads at the pub in Wigan. I would have, but no-one would have answered the phone... I can hear them now! Dont pick it up, it will be that bloody Aussie!

Is it the end of English football? It seems a shame that so many foreign players make up the teams in the domestic competition denying local lads the chance.

Sounds a bit like the cricket, tennis and every other sport invented by the Poms and now dominated by everyone else.

Carn Australia!

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Give the POMS a go...

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