Futsal Oz | Brunswick

Futsal Oz | Brunswick

Futsal Oz | BrunswickFutsal Oz is committed in growing our sport and reaching new heights; we believe Futsal can be enjoyed by everybody from a 40 year old beginner to a 5 year old up and coming superstar, men, women or mixed genders, it won't disappoint.

We believe Futsal is a must for all children before they play outdoor Futbol. With quick restart, smaller grounds and unlimited substitutions the game is fast non-stop action. It encourages players not to panic whilst with the ball hence improving decision making.

Playing futsal allows you more opportunities to get involved in the game. Another feature is playing within touch lines all around the court, further encourages players to keep the ball in play instead of booting it relying on nets, as often used in other versions of indoor soccer.

Open Mens

Futsal Oz currently holds Open Mens competition's on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday nights for men 16 years and above. Matches commence at 6:00pm onwards.

Open Womens

Futsal Oz is also home to a highly competitive Open Womens league for Women 16 Years and above. The league runs on Thursday nights from 6:00pm onwards.

Mixed Leagues

Futsal Oz has various Mixed leagues to offer. Division's One & Two are quick and highly competitive. Divison Three offers Futsal in a fun and introductory environment. Mixed competitions are held on Thursday Nights & Sundays.

Junior leagues

Junior leagues operate on Friday nights, Saturday Afternoon's and Sunday mornings. Multiple skills & abilities are suited with multiple divisions and levels of competition.

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Futsal Oz | Brunswick⊜ 407 - 409 Victoria St Brunswick | Map
407 - 409 Victoria StBrunswick
1300 788 799

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