Freedom Cyclists

Freedom Cyclist v Helmet Laws ('ad-free' advocacy)

australia's destiny is cycling ... free cyclists

Compelling Reasons to Abolish Mandatory Helmet Laws
* Abuse of civil liberties
* Cycling is NOT dangerous
- driving is
- obesity is
- smoking is
- but cycling is NOT
* Statutory helmet promotion single-handedly passing cost of cycling to consumers, allowing government to ignore previous recommendations for genuine cycling infrastructure & motorist education

* Drastically reduced cycling rates by 40%
* Actual head injuries remained the same, suggesting an increase in head injuries
* Inconclusive data on how much protection bicycle helmets give
*Laboratory tests on bicycle helmets indicate a possible increased risk of "Diffuse Axonal Injury"
* Currently not recommended for certain 'headforms', namely Headform AA (4 year olds & under)
* Correlation to Australia's status as the "Fattest Nation in the World"
(for further details on the significant consequences of Mandatory Helmet Laws, see

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Freedom Cyclists

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