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Throughout their global travels, renowned Chef and TV presenter Barry Vera and his business partner / TV producer Michael Dickinson, have been able to experience the need for support that different communities face around the world with their own eyes.

Vowing to help better the quality of life and opportunities presented to the people they have met, Barry & Michael founded the Feast Foundation

The philosophy
The Feast Foundation operates globally under the belief that all communities in need deserve assistance in bettering their lives. Regardless of location, size or nature, where there are people who require specific assistance, the Feast Foundation will raise, give and make a difference.

The difference
The Feast Foundation will concentrate on one unique priority project at a time that will significantly better the lives of a disadvantaged community. These communities may be without geographical or ethnic borders but will have the shared need for assistance.

The Feast Foundation operates under the belief that donations and support given should end up at the 'frontline' - not be tied up in administrative costs or overheads. This is to ensure that the maximum amount of support possible can be given to the recipients of each priority project and the supporters of the Foundation are assured that their donation is going to where it is needed most.

Each priority project undertaken by the Feast Foundation will be selected on the grounds that the project would otherwise probably never be achieved because it had not caught public attention or perhaps had been over looked by larger charities.

The goal
All Feast Foundation priority projects will benefit communities with a specific, acute need through identifying, fund raising and project managing. Priority projects will work towards a clearly stated end-goal, that when achieved will ensure the lives of community members have been significantly improved

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