Easty's World of Footy Records

Easty's World of Footy Records

Easty's World of Footy RecordsA site dedicated to collecting the AFL footy record including a brief history of the record, a list of the copies and details of other collectors.

So, kick back, browse the site at your leisure and enjoy your time here.

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August 15, 1981. This was the day my Dad took me to my first match of VFL/AFL footy - Hawthorn v St.Kilda at VFL Park (or as it was later known, "Arctic Park"). This was also the day I got my first copy of the matchday program known to all and sundry as 'the Record'.

Now I don't remember much of the game that day but I can describe for you the cover of the Record... a determined Chris Smith of Fitzroy trying to punch the ball away from Geelong's Terry Bright, along with a small photo of Don Scott's melon in the left hand corner.

Dad took me to heaps of games at VFL Park and to avoid the queues of traffic escaping after a match, we would search through the grandstands for any Records left behind by the fans. If you were really lucky someone would leave behind a copy from the week before that had sat in their bag all week - two birds with the one stone!

Being both a hoarder and a 'footyhead' it was only natural that I would start to collect every Record I could get my hands on.


You name it, I'm after it!

I collect all VFL/AFL related Records including...

*NIGHT SERIES (Wizard Cup, etc.)


Anything and everything to do with the MELBOURNE FOOTBALL CLUB... annual reports, badges, cards, stickers, posters, jumpers, etc.


18/4/03 - Three 1969 finals crossed off the lists

16/4/03 - Don Kelly and the Lions are a happy bunch with two more from their list turning up - this leaves them with just 3 more records to complete their collection. Refer to the "Other Collectors"page for further details

18/3/03 - Season 1977 has been completed! Seven more records were acquired during the past month. Seasons 62,71,73 have been updated

15/3/03 - Just picked up a program from the 1992 practice match between Melbourne and Collingwood played in Ballarat - rapt with that!!!

11/3/03 - 1991 WA v Victoria program can be crossed off the State list!

Melbourne Stuff
I also collect Melbourne footy cards, annual reports, posters and other bits and pieces...

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