Earthquake Melbourne

Earthquake Melbourne

Earthquake MelbourneThe most recent of Melbourne's earthquakes - June 19, 2012 with a recorded measurement of 5.5 - sent a wave of alarm across social networks and online, so much so that the website of Geoscience Australia was crashed by the ammount of people looking up information.

Normally, Melbourne earthquake reports are few and rare, with earthquake reports like the ones below reporting moderate tremors and little damage. Further on this page you'll also find advice about what to do in the event of an earthquake.

Intensity Reports at the following websites can also be used to help further the studies of Earthquake phenomenon.. If you'd like to register details about your own experiences during an earthquake visit the following websites.

Earthquakes in Melbourne & Victoria

2012 June 19, Churchill, VIC ML 5.5
1053 UTC, 146.3°E, 38.3°S, normal depth
Tuesday, June 19, 8:53 pm AEST
This earthquake occurred approximately 120 kilometres southeast of Melbourne, about 10km northwest of the town of Budgeree. This earthquake was felt across Melbourne, with reports from as far west as Bendigo, and unconfirmed reports of it being felt as far north as Sydney.

2009 March 6, Korumburra, VIC ML 4.5
0955 UTC, 145.87°E, 38.43°S, 10 km deep
Friday, March 6, 08:55 pm AEDT
This earthquake occurred about 5km east of Korumburra, in the same area as the ML 3.7 earthquake on January 12. This earthquake has been felt widely throughout the epicentral region and across Melbourne. A number of small aftershocks occurred in the hour after this earthquake and at the time of report it was said that aftershocks were expected to continue for some days or weeks.

2007 August 21, Mt Baw Baw, VIC, ML 3.0
0305 UTC, 146.11°E, 37.88°S, normal depth
Tuesday August 21, 1:05 pm AEST
This moderate earthquake occurred about 15km west of Mt Baw Baw, about 100km east of Melbourne.

Earthquake sends shudder through Melbourne
October 23, 2006 02:00am
A MAGNITUDE 2.5 earthquake has hit Melbourne and its suburbs, but there are no reports of damage.

Earthquake rocks Melbourne's eastern suburbs
Wednesday, 30 August , 2000
Last night an earthquake measuring 4 5 on the Richter scale rocked large parts of Melbournes eastern suburbs the Yarra Valley and central Gippsland.

Melbourne hit by minor earthquake | The Australian
October 23, 2006
A 2.5 magnitude earthquake struck Melbourne on Sunday night only eight kilometres south east of the city's CBD - the latest in a series of quakes to hit ...

The list covers significant earthquake events within the area covered by the SRC seismograph network. Most magnitudes are given on the Richter local magnitude scale (ML) but other scales such as moment magnitude (MW) or surface wave magnitude (MS) are used for larger earthquakes. Earthquake depths in eastern Australia range from just beneath the surface to about 20 km.

What to Do in an Earthquake

During an earthquake

Following an Earthquake

PreparednessGuide is here to ensure you know what to do to be prepared.

Homeowners Guide to Lightning Safety

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