Dead Person's Society

Dead Person's Society

Dead Person's SocietyThe DPS was started in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia in August 1992 with six interested persons meeting at the home of Leone Fabre.

It has grown since those early days, and since April 1994 we have been meeting at the local community hall which accommodates the fifty plus people that attend each month.

Our aims are:

- To promote an interest in genealogy via the use of computers and the bulletin board system and/or the internet in a social environment;
- To promote the production and distribution of genealogy indexes and other research tools;
- To foster cooperation, personal development and entertainment through genealogy.

Some months we may have a guest speaker, other times we allow more time for questions and helpful advice from (and for) the friends who make up DPS. Click here to see when and where we meet, and a list of our meeting topics for this year.

You can now find DPS groups throughout Australia, and if you are travelling around you may be lucky enough to be in an area when a DPS meeting takes place.

Many of us originally met when we used the Heritage Oz Bulletin Board in Montmorency. This was a fidonet BBS (bulletin board system) devoted to genealogy.

Our motto: "Preserving our past for the future"

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Dead Person's Society⊜ Watsonia Library, 4,6 Ibbottson St, Watsonia | Map
Watsonia Library, 4,6 Ibbottson St, Watsonia

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Dead Person's Society 

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