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Dans le Noir | Dinner In The Dark

Global dining in the dark phenomenon Dans Le Noir is coming to Melbourne

Dining in pitch darkness, hosted and served by visually impaired people, may change your point of view about many preconceived ideas of the world.

As with the original dining in the dark concept, this unique experience will focus and sharpen your senses and enables you to taste a surprising wine & food experience adapted to this unusual context.

Not only will you discover a complete sensory journey, but also a brand new way to socialise.


Dans le Noir ? is a unique, powerful and distinctive experience with three main dimensions

A sensory journey

'Switch off the light, switch on your senses!'

Dining in absolute darkness is a sensory experience that awakes your senses and enables you to completely re-evaluate your perception of taste and smell.

A social conviviality

'This restaurant is totally devoid of vanity'

In the dark there is no preconception brought about by vision. Therefore, communication is more intense, authentic and spontaneous.

A human exchange

'Reversing everything, the unsighted host becomes your eyes!'

Blind waiters become the diners' personal guides during the experience. In this role reversal, the unsighted host becomes the guests' eyes!

Dans le Noir ? and The Como Melbourne are proud to present Dans le Noir ? at The Como Melbourne restaurant.

In such a marvelous environment, you will be welcomed from January 19th 2018, to live this amazing experience.

Dining in the dark is an adventure which brings to your mind a lot of interesting questions in a fun and surprising environment

You can reserve online or by phone at 03 9825 2228.

If you're like us we had a zillion questions: all answered here

PS: yes we know it's not the first dining in the dark experience in Melbourne.

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