Crisis Help Network: Melbourne

Crisis Help Network is an up-to-date and regularly up-dated web site dedicated to providing information about organizations able to help people in crisis. It is compiled and maintained by people who are or have been in crisis, and whose experiences are invaluable to the worth of this resource

This resource is updated and maintained by people who are, or have been in crisis or homeless and whose experiences are invaluable to the worth of this resource.

The Crisis Help Network is the response of an Individual trying to access current and reliable information that would help with such issues as accommodation, food, and agencies relevant to his needs, and other problems he found while homeless in a system where information is either out of date, hard to find or was not considered relevant to him.

Crisis Help Network is a project of Ian Archibald, seperate from, but supported by through hosting and technical assistance.

The web directory addresses several issues surrounding the lack of continuity and access to up-to-date information available to individuals who are homeless, in crisis or at risk. Currently, information on services in the market place is fragmented or obscured to individuals who are not confident in navigating the internet. This web directory seeks to address these issues by offering information in a user-friendly cohesive platform.

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Crisis Help Network: Melbourne 

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