Calling Australia Home

Calling Australia Home

Calling Australia Home
Zelman Cowen Gallery of Australian Jewish History
Permanent Exhibition

The Jewish Museum of Australia launches Calling Australia Home this month, the new permanent exhibition in the Zelman Cowen Gallery of Australian Jewish History. The new exhibit will tell some of the stories of generations of Australian Jews - the reasons they came, the lives they built for themselves and what it means to be Jewish in Australia today.

The exhibition explores the diversity of the presentday community via the individual expressions of Jewish identity, practice and engagement in Australia today; the challenges faced by Jewish migrants trying to settle into an established Jewish community and how these tensions shaped the development of the community over time. The exhibition also explores the adaptation of Jewish tradition and culture in response to Australian life and context and the many ways in which Jews have actively contributed to Australian society. Many of the stories featured illustrate the intersection between Jewish culture and Australian context and conditions and how these elements combined contributed to the shaping of the community today.

Timeline of Jewish History

A remarkable journey through 4,000 years of tumultuous Jewish history. This graphic exhibition allows you to walk through a timeline of Jewish history, stepping through the key events etched in sand on the floor. On the walls, discover the significant events of Jewish history through a combination of unique objects, images, text, film and the fine artwork of Heather Ellyard.

The Jewish Year

Celebrates the annual cycle of festivals and holy days that give rhythm and form to Jewish life. The exhibit demonstrates the connection between the Jewish calendar and lunar and solar years, as well as festivals that are tied to the agricultural cycles of the Land of Israel.

Belief and Ritual

Examines the foundations of Judaism, the enduring religious beliefs and traditions that have bound Jews together through 4,000 years.

Kalman Katz Israeli Coin Collection

An extensive collection of Israeli coins, notes and medals from 1948 to 1998, plus a selection of ancient Jewish coins. This important collection may be viewed in the Library during Museum hours.

When & Where

Happens: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday

Times: Tuesday–Thursday 10am–4pm | Sunday 10am–5pm

Venue | Location

 Jewish Museum of Australia [show]

26 Alma Road  St Kilda Victoria 3182 | Map
Event: | Venue: 03 9534 0844
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