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Big Ben's Victoria

Big Ben's VictoriaA well written and researched site on Melbourne and Victoria!

Not quite sure whether Ben Kreunen likes Melbourne, describing it as "Melbourne is neurotic city with a real image problem. The problem is that it thinks it has an image problem, or rather, the problem is what is done to the city in an attempt to rectify this perceived problem."


I am a landscape photographer and this site is the monster that has taken over a good portion of my life. It all started out by just being a collection of my photographs with a few notes next to each image. The thought of making it into a guide to Victoria had crossed my mind but it wasn't until I started receiving feedback from tourists and homesick Victorians that I actually headed in this direction.

This is not intended to be a comprehensive tourist guide to Victoria as I don't have the resources to cover everything (and I haven't been paid a comprehensive sum of money to visit them all). That is the job of Tourism Victoria, and hopefully one day their web site will achieve that. This is more of a personal travel diary of the places I have been to in search of new subjects for my landscape photography. The places that I highlight are not necessarily major tourist attractions but that is only because there are no facilities near them (and hence no one to make money from promoting them).

This guide also includes maps, panoramic movies, an animation or two, personal opinions and the odd ranting and raving. I have had to replace the Big Ben Browser with my new online Photo Gallery so that I can hopefully entice people to buy my images and help pay for the server traffic charges this site generates. I may soon be looking for a sponsor(s) (but I intend to keep this a banner free site).


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