Benzina Cantina

Benzina Cantina

A Mexican Bar/Restaurant brought to you by the guys at Los Hermanos and Benzina Garage, built entirely from shipping containers with a rooftop hangout! says..


The gang from Los Hermanos are back with their latest Mexican hot spot, Benzina Cantina.

It's a collab between Bruno Carreto, the mind behind Los Hermanos, and motorcycle stuntman, 'Lukey Luke' Follacchio. As you might guess, that means it's big on two things: tacos and motorbikes. Turn out they go together surprisingly well.

Benzina Cantina sits nextdoor to Follacchio's bike workshop, Benzina Garage, and has harnessed a similar vibe-laidback and industrial, with a bit of leather-studded grunge. There's the odd Mexican skull, a deconstructed vintage Honda, old motorbike posters and plenty of rusted-on character. Don't miss the rooftop beer garden either.

So, the menu. Benzina takes its cues from Los Hermanos, blending cracking Mexican food with some creative flavour combos. Get into some guac and start off with Carreto's 'gorditas'-handmade corn flour pockets stuffed with refried beans and your choice of cheese or chilli mince beef.

Then get busy with the epic taco list. With both meat and veggie options, there's something for everyone. Notable choices include the beer battered fish, lamb off the bone (slow cooked in beer, nice) or chorizo and potato. They guys are even slinging housemade empanadas.

On to the booze. There's a nice selection of local wines, a mix of craft beers (topped up with classic Mexican imports) and an epic cocktail list. If you're after a classic, try the Mexpresso Martini-Benzina's take on the espresso martini trend. For something a little different, we suggest the Clamato-Sol beer, lime, Worcestershire sauce, seasoning sauce, a dash of hot sauce, clamato juice and a chilli salt rim. Taste like a combo between Canadian Caesar and Mexican Michelada.

Welcome to the neighbourhood, boys.


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