Bar 303

Bar 303

From smokey Dub grooves, to swirling scarlet Jazz, acoustic vocals and electro beats, 303 likes to say it's gottitall.

Which isn't the whole truth, but it's surely the holed truth.

This bar/venue is generally known as 303 (three-oh-three, not three hundred and three). Some people call it Cafe 303 or Bar 303. Or even 303 Bar. But it's neither of those. It's 303. Although, sometimes it's called Three-Oh, which we'll accept.

303 exists at 303 High St Northcote. It's been happily existing there for the last 10 years or so. That's way back when there were more second hand furniture and vacuum retailers on High St than pizza shops and night spots.

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Bar 303303 High St,  Northcote Victoria 3070 | Map
03 9482 4577

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Bar 303


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