Banyule Homestead

Banyule Homestead or Banyule House has long been one of the landmark buildings in Heidelberg.

The gothic-style mansion was constructed in 1846 by one of the overlanders from Sydney, Joseph Hawdon and it is, in fact, one of the oldest surviving houses in Victoria.

Construction of an early, single-story building commenced in 1842 and Judge Willis would have been able to see the first buildings of Banyule as he stood in his driveway on the hill above what is now Warringal Park.

Heidelberg, with its fertile flood plains and views attracted men who became squatters, and indeed, it was the quality and reputation of his wealthy neighbours that attracted Willis to living in the area, even though it was some ten miles from the court. You can almost plot the houses out on a map- on all the high peaks around Heidelberg, the houses attached to large properties would have been visible to each other.

Willis' rented house on Rose Anna Farm looked across east to Joseph Hawdon's Banyule in what is now Buckingham Drive; south towards D.C. McArthur's house Charterisville along what is now Burke Rd Nth, and west to the Boulden Brothers property at the top of the hill leading up to Upper Heidelberg Road.His friend William Verner lived in the valley between Willis' house and Banyule, while Viewbank Farm stood on a raised area on the Yarra Flats, clearly visible from Banyule.

Banyule Homestead is not a tourist or local destination which is why there is no address. This page is for information only.

Banyule Homestead Matters

Banyule Homestead (or Banyule House) was constructed for the overlander and grazier Joseph Hawdon in several stages, with the main two-storey mansion constructed in 1846. In its commanding position overlooking the Banyule Flatlands below, it is one of the few remaining pre-Gold Rush mansions in Melbourne.

Banyule Homestead Matters celebrates Banyule Homestead and its importance to the City of Banyule and Victoria more generally.

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