Balaclava Hotel Open Mic

Balaclava Hotel Open Mic

Open mic night at Balaclava Hotel.
Every Thursday from 7:30pm!

Get in early with a wall post or message to book

For Musicians
Host: Erik Parker
Registration from 7pm
Byo instruments

Feel free to come along even if you don't accompany yourself.
Spontaneous jams are encouraged!

At least one original act per month selected for paid set on a Friday night
Weekly feature act at 9pm

Go to for more details

When & Where

Happens: Thursday

Times: 7pm

Venue | Location

 Balaclava Hotel show

123 Carlisle St,  St Kilda East Victoria 3183 | Map
Event: (03) 9531 2709 | Venue: 03 9531 2709

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Balaclava Hotel Open Mic

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