Aviation Safety Management

Aviation Safety Management

Aviation Safety ManagementAviation Safety Management Limited a small Melbourne based company has taken on the world and revolutionised global aviation safety.

Essentially what Aviation Safety Management Limited has done is take standard traditional aviation safety management systems and rebuilt them from the ground up in every possible way. The result is SERA our Safety Event Reporting and Manegement system.

We have done this at the same time that safety reporting standards are being increased globally and low cost carriers are proliferating around the globe. Did you know over 90 airlines are currently banned by the EU alone and low cost carriers have higher rates of safety events.

Normally most international airlines have to buy one of two or three very expensive mainstream legacy software programs. They have to install those programs on their own in-house computers, maintain the program themselves and operate them within their own intranets and hire IT staff and consultants to make them work properly. They also have to buy numerous add ons and interfaces as well as each and every successive upgrade. Worst of all they pay by the number of users who can log onto the system. Basically this means it's expensive, slow and difficult to access and use. This discourages safety reporting which means less reporting and in turn lower levels of safety.

All of these programs were also difficult and cumbersome to use and they were black holes for data that gave no feedback to safety reporters. The data could not be easily retrieved or utilized and the programs did not interface with other programs or prepare exportable data or even reports or even do trend analysis.

At ASM Limited our experts are ex-aviation safety managers from airlines like Qantas and Jetstar. We started again and rethought the whole process. We wanted a cheaper better system that better suited airlines (especially large international group airlines) who wish to pool their data but that could also be used at any level of aviation or any aviation related industry. A system that did not require hosting or adds ons or extra IT staff or the purchase of upgrades. A system where you required less IT staff and severs not more. One that not only saved airlines money but that could also do state of the art trend analysis with real time up to the minute data with all reporting done in real time anywhere in the world 24/7 on any internet platform. Previously some airlines with paper based reporting processes were up to 3 weeks behind on entering reports.

Once we sorted this out then we decided to get creative so we added project management, change management, audit management and many other things the industry had been crying out for. A manager can now enter the board room and connect to the internet and display three D data graphics in real time with state of the art trend analysis. This has never been before possible. Ultimately if we are successful we will create the first ever worldwide pool of de-identified statistical safety data. Most Gov. bodies like CASA or the NTSB only get a sliver of data. Aircraft manufacturers have a vested commercial interest in what data is released and no one has a global overview anywhere ever. Our pool of data would also offer benchmarking and cross comparisons on all performance data globally. This has never been done before. We are also preparing to offer the ability to incorporate your black box data into your general safety data. That has never been done before either.

Finally whether your are a safety investigator working for an airline or merely wanting to report a safety event you can do it anywhere any item in your hotel room on your Iphone or laptop or in the terminal or on a bus or on site. Anywhere where you can get internet on any platform. So for the first time there is a safety system designed to encourage the widest possible reporting.

Also we are providing it to flying schools for the first time they can require their students to undertake safety debriefings using our program after every flight. So that they can learn more and the schools can adjust their teaching focus where necessary.

Finally the system was designed so simply and with maximum user friendliness as it requires almost no training to use. This is achieved by a combination of drop down lists check boxes and prefiills amongst other things. So not only is it easy and convenient to use but it's also ensures that unlike the old systems where you enter a narrative the data entered here is consistent, accurate and highly useable whether for statistical analysis, trend analysis or for the global pool of data.

This Melbourne/Australian innovation in aviation safety follows in the footsteps of other Australian aviation safety pioneers like David Warren the Australian inventor of the Black box flight data recorder and we are proud to be carrying on his tradition right here in Melbourne for the benefit of global aviation.

That is a brief introduction to how once again Australians are leading the world in global aviation safety and innovation. Call Andrew Swindells to find out more about Aviation Safety Management Limited on 0432 623 072.

Andrew Swindells, BA, LLB, LLM
Executive Director and Company Secretary
Aviation Safety Management Ltd
ACN 142 018 915
Skype andrewswindells
Suite 12, 3 Struan Street
Toorak VIC 3142
Mobile: +61 (0)432 623 072
Fax: +61 3 8621 0021
Email: [email protected]
url: www.aviationsafetymanagement.com.au

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