Avenel Maze

Avenel Maze

Avenel is a very different maze to those of England's Hampton Court or France's Palace of Versailles. For one thing it is set in a stunning Australian landscape, overlooking, through gum trees filled with cockatoos, magpies and parrots, the hazy Goulburn Valley and the rugged hills of the Strathbogies.

But above all, Avenel Maze is unique because of its Kelly connection. >>

'We wanted Avenel Maze to be a puzzle, but a puzzle that is evolving, and much more fun solving, than traditional mazes. Avenel Maze is a place where children and adults can each find their own level of entertainment and a little education.

'And when you're done with the mazes - there are five of them - you can relax throwing boules and horseshoe pitching; you can put on a barbeque, or sit down with your hamper and a local red wine from the Bough Shed and picture the Kelly Gang and their pack horses making their way across the glorious Goulburn Valley before you.'

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Avenel Maze471 Upton Road  Avenel Victoria 3664 | Map
+61 3 5796 2667

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