Austadiums :: Australian Stadiums & Sport

Austadiums :: Australian Stadiums & Sport

Austadiums :: Australian Stadiums & SportAustadiums is a website containing information on every major sporting stadium in Australia and New Zealand, with everything from general information, photos and seating maps, to past/future events, crowd figures and much more.

The Austadiums Website (pronounced: aus-stadiums) was first launched in 1999 as the Victorian Stadiums Website. In 2000, the site expanded to cover the entire nation and New Zealand, renamed Austadiums.

The site has grown in popularity, featuring in various publications and across various media platforms. Austadiums, as it's known today, received a major overhaul in March 2002 with many new features including the introduction of a sports section and events database.

Austadiums was designed and is run and owned by CV Media.

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Austadiums :: Australian Stadiums & Sport

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