Audio Design Museum

Audio Design Museum

Audio Design Museum presents free downloadable audio guided tours and maps of Melbourne.

Melbourne discovery tour with a difference! Audio Design Museum shines a light around some of the most intriguing creative hotspots in Melbourne.

While we as locals might think we know our own way around, these downloadable guided tours will fill you in like the most well-connected design maven in town.

We all know no one takes a tour of their own city. Even seems an embarrassing enough thing to do if you're away on vacation. But this is different. These audio files give intimate interviews with the creative minds behind the brilliant fashion labels, design studios, galleries and most inspirational spaces in Melbourne. A wealth of insider information that truly makes you feel you're in the creative engine room of the city.

With your tour downloaded onto your iPod and the precinct map printed from the website (both free) you can inconspicuously show yourself around. No big daggy group, no awkward foldy map or clutch of touristy brochures. You're going to hear straight from the style leaders of this beautiful city, and perhaps meet them in the flesh if you're lucky.

The Gertrude Street tour winds its way around the precinct and delivers insights from proprietors such as Obus founder Kylie Zerbst and Third Drawer Down's Abi Crompton.

The Flinders Lane tour introduces influential Karen Rieschiek from Alice Euphemia; Rodney Eggleston who did the Aesop fit-out; and it gives you a fascinating few minutes with Georgie and Alex Cleary who brought us Alphaville.

There is a specialist jewellery download that takes you through the magical Nicolas Building around to Fitzroy and finishes at Gretta Bottomly's gorgeous Arbor in Brunswick, just so you know where the most interesting jewellery is to be found in Melbourne.

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