Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Gardens

Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Gardens

13-15 Red Hill-Shoreham Road, Shoreham (Flinders)

The Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Gardens is home to Australia's oldest and most famous hedge maze, a beautiful circular rose maze, and the year round flowering Lavender Labyrinth, all set among 25 acres of world acclaimed gardens.

The traditional hedge Maze is planted with more than 1000 cypress trees and thousands of metres of pathways. Now more than three metres high and two metres thick, the Maze keeper clips the hedges three times a year to keep it sculpted into a curvaceous challenge that will delight and inspire.

The Hedge Maze
Our visually stunning hedge maze - planted over 40 years ago - now stands at over 3 metres high & 2 metres thick. It is made from more than 1000 "Cupresses macrocarpa"plants that give it its lush, evergreen texture. In the beginning, the plants were planted at 1-metre intervals but each year the hedge grows a little bit bigger - making the paths a little bit narrower! Some sections of the maze are so narrow that wheelchairs and prams cannot fit.

The Rose Maze at Ashcombe Maze is the oldest circular Rose Maze in the world consisting of more than 1200 bushes and 217 different rose varieties chosen specifically for their color and perfume.

The lavender labyrinth at Ashcombe Maze is part of a 3000 square metre garden development set on the rolling hillside overlooking the picturesque Ashcombe Arboretum.

Woodland Greens
Ashcombe Maze is home to acres of Woodland Gardens with numerous features: the Orchard, the Pot Garden, the Rock Garden, the Summer Garden, the Scented Garden, the Herb Barrels, the Small Woodland, the Lower Woodland, the Centre Garden, the Lily Pond, the Apple Grove, the Koala Food Trees, the Windmill, Seven Tiers Waterfall, Lake Ashcombe.

The Ashcombe Garden Discovery Trail is a self-guided tour that explores kilometers of meandering gardens all marked with signs offering background and educational information.

The Great Gnome Hunt
Search high and low for our resident gnomes hiding throughout the gardens. Great fun for all ages!

Ashcombe Caf©
The Ashcombe Maze Caf© features Ashcombe's harvested lavender in a number of menu items all made on site; lavender scones, lavender ice-cream, and lavender tea blends (green, chamomile and black).

Gift Shop
The gardens at Ashcombe Maze are the inspiration for our gift and gourmet product range. Our Lavender is harvested in the summer and either processed to create quality lavender oil or dried for pot pourri. The seeds and oil are then used in some Ashcombe Maze's unique products.

Getting to Ashcombe
15 Shoreham Road
Shoreham 3916
Mel Ref: 256 E4

Note: Because of a road name change a few years ago, some GPS units sometimes do NOT recognise Shoreham Rd. If this happens, try keying in Red Hill-Shoreham Rd

Public Transport
Unfortunately there is no direct public transport to Ashcombe Maze.

From Melbourne CBD, you will need to take the train to Frankston Station and catch a Route 782 bus with Peninsula Buslines. Make sure you catch a bus that goes all the way to Flinders and does not terminate at Balnarring. Get off at Shoreham Rd and walk 1 km walk to Ashcombe Maze.

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Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Gardens

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Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Gardens