A is for Atlas

A is for Atlas exists to create extraordinary live arts experiences: extraordinary for the artists who participate in making them, extraordinary for the audiences who participate in their having been made.

A is for Atlas is a diverse not-for-profit company dedicated to inter-artform exploration and to the development of Australian artists.

Our objective is to build new worlds of creativity that invigorate form, and invigorate audiences to seek out new foods for their creative consumption.
Creativity. Collaboration. Community. Evolution. A is for Atlas..

We create new realms of creative possibility by developing both new ideas, and new ways to express and share them.

We unite expertise and inspiration from different artforms, to produce innovative creative outcomes and expand the reach of our artistic endeavour.

We inspire and expand the creative community by offering new and varied avenues for participation.

We strive for evolution on all levels: personal, creative, communal and, importantly, for the evolution of the place of artistic enterprise within our society.

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A is for Atlas5 Blackwood Street  North Melbourne Victoria 3051 | Map
(03) 9322 3713

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