Yarra Valley Wine and Winery Tour

Yarra Valley Wine and Winery Tour

Come and join us and take in some of Victoria’s best wineries in the stunning region of the Yarra Valley only one hour from Melbourne.


-:- Yering Station
-:- Rochford's Winery
-:- Yering Farm
-:- Domaine Chandon

Winery tours have never been so much fun or affordable!

Tastings at all wineries are included in the price. Yering Station, St. Huberts & Eyton on Yarra provide a cellar door tasting on a range of their wines.

A private walk through tour of Domaine Chandon's winery shows you the magic of creating a great glass of bubbly. Eyton on Yarra offer a glass of estate wine with lunch and a cellar door tasting before lunch helps you to decide what will go nicely with your food.

Domaine Chandon supply a glass of premium sparkling or still wine with gourmet platters after a guided tour of the winery.

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