World War I: Love & Sorrow

World War I: Love & Sorrow

WWI: Love & Sorrow explores the impact of the war on Australian families.

The world's most destructive conflict recalled through the experiences of eight people.

A mother awaiting the return of her son. Brothers from Tyers River fighting on the Western Front. A Jewish German soldier on the other side.

The stories of World War I soldiers and their families remain profoundly affecting. Over 100,000 Victorians enlisted; survivors returned forever changed but many never came home at all. We still feel the war's aftermath today, a century after it began.

This exhibition includes over 150 objects and photographs, each of which tells a story of love and sorrow. As you make your way through the exhibition, the story of one individual unfolds on your smartphone via an integrated app created by Art Processors, developers of the 'O' at MONA.

Introducing the exhibition

For four years, millions of families across the world said goodbye to their loved ones heading off to fight in World War I.

By the time peace was declared, over 60,000 Australians were dead and thousands more would soon die of war injuries-from a population of only five million people.

World War I was a tragedy on an almost unimaginable scale. One hundred years later its effects are still felt.

WWI: Love & Sorrow explores the impact of the war on Australian families.

The Love and Sorrow exhibition is on until November 2018.

When & Where

Happens: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Times: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Venue | Location

 Melbourne Museum show

11 Nicholson St  Carlton Victoria 3053 | Map
Event: 13 11 02 | Venue: 13 11 02

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World War I: Love & Sorrow

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