Melbourne Water Target 155

Melbourne Water Target 155Melbourne Water Target 155

Let's make every drop of water count.

Melbourne is Australia's fastest growing city and Victoria's population is expected to almost double by 2051.

This, along with the effects of a changing environment, is creating greater pressure on our water supplies.

Melbourne's water storage

We store water in 10 reservoirs, which are measured every day. Melbourne's average annual water use is around 35 per cent of our storage levels.

Our water storage levels

* We measure the water storage levels of our 10 reservoirs over a 24-hour period (8am-8am) every day.

Securing our water supply

Water is becoming increasingly scarce. Melbourne's water organisations are working together to create a more sustainable water sensitive city.

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Permanent water-saving rules and Target 155

Did you know that permanent water-saving rules have been in place for Melbourne since water restrictions were lifted in 2012? Target 155 reminds us to make the best use of our precious water supply.

Target 155

Target 155 is a water-efficiency initiative designed to get us thinking about how much water we use. Put simply, it encourages us to limit water consumption to 155 litres per person, per day.

Melburnians already have a great culture of using water efficiently: research shows that in 2018-19, the average person was using 162 litres per day. To meet Target 155, we need everyone to use just seven litres less each day: that's about three-quarters of a bucket of water.

Do you know how much water you're using, and if you're hitting the target? With Melbourne's average daily water use currently at 161 litres, it's worth checking out.

Are you hitting the target?

Step 1: Find your latest water bill to identify your household's average daily water use.

Step 2: Your bill will tell you, according to the number of people in your household, if you're meeting Target 155. If it just shows your household's daily average water use, divide this number by the number of people living in your house to calculate your average daily water use and see if you're each meeting Target 155.

Can you save seven litres of water a day? If we each save a little, we all save a lot.

When & Where

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