Upstaged Workshop

Dance, Theatre, Circus and Music.

Upstaged invites all young performers to experience the world of professional theatre making with an authentic creative development process for the upcoming holiday workshop. The artists behind Upstaged are constantly working within the professional arts community to create works and develop concepts for the performing arts audience.

Young performers are often cast in major professional theatre works. Just as Forced Theatre's highly acclaimed The Night That Follows Day was cast entirely with children and teenagers from 9 to 15 years of age, Billy Elliot was based around a child and therefore had many young performers. In Australia Graeme Murphy's Nutcracker has a child as a main role and Acrobat's Propaganda included the performer's own children in their show. Young performers have a natural ability to channel pure emotion without the restrictions that get built in with age and experience.

Upstaged is currently working with artists building a project that involves classical music and circus theatre. The skills covered range from several dance disciplines, drama, voice, circus, mime and music. In past workshops, performers have explored Shakespeare, Monty Python, Commedia dell'Arte, Broadway, Mime, Vaudeville and straight faced circus amongst the various skills.

Contact us for details regarding the upcoming workshop and the artists involved.

Upstaged Holiday Workshops are a 4 and 5 day school holiday programs for performers from the ages of 7 to 17 years. The programs run during each of the school holiday breaks, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. Our teachers are industry leaders and passionate artists creating works and still performing in the professional performing arts arena. Experience from such wide-ranging projects from and including: Adelaide Fringe Festival, Billy Elliot, Cirque du Soleil, The Producers, Priscilla: The Musical, We Will Rock You, So You Think You Can Dance and many others. As the course is geared to introduce the elements of performance, there will be a showing for parents and friends on the final day. Candid photographs as seen on this website and performance DVDs are available.

Upstaged is a memorable experience for any performer looking for a window into the real world of movement, expression, performance and performance making.

Young performers make for great theatre

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Upstaged Workshop

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