Update Listing Information

Update Listing Information

Use this page to request changes to content including reactivation and cancellation.

Changes: description, address, telephone number, dates, times, image and links.

--> How To Request Changes <--

Select (left click) the UPDATE button and request the changes in the pop-up message window.

The update process is fast (within 24 hours) and confirmed in writing when completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Description | Please provide a full replacement description that can be copy and pasted in one action.

Images | 1. Uploaded Image should be sized (width 700 pixels) and show significant change (ie name/date/time/location). Not cosmetic/colour or costs apply. 2. Request image change (update above).

Cancellation | Advise background for cancellation and provide a reason | See Cancellation FAQ

Proof of Ownership | If required, more information will be requested.


Melbourne Event Listing: Complimentary for changes to correct content (not cosmetic, arbitrary or seo editing).

Melbourne Other Listing (Business, Venue, Information): One complimentary update request per calendar year.

Arbitary & Image: AU$135.00 per hour or part thereof (+GST)

T&C | Australian advertising code and copyright policy.

If a question has not been answered see Advertising F.A.Q..

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