Update Listing Information

Update Listing Information

This page is used to request changes to content (text, image, links) including edit, modify, reactivate and cancel.

The update listing process is free, quick and easy.

Follow the advice detailed below which sends the request to a page editor who will action the instructions.

--> How To Update <--

Select (left click) the UPDATE button and explain the required changes in the pop-up message window.

It can be used to change a description, address, telephone number, dates, times, image* and links.

The request will be completed and confirmed within 24 hours.

Before sending, please check the instructions are complete, so there isn't.. one more thing.

Update form

This service ensures a streamlined operation, essential for the advertiser and publisher.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions.

Description | Avoid detailed changes by providing a complete new description that can be copy and pasted in one action.

*Image | Advise the URL of the new image OR request image change (above) and then Upload Image Here.

Cancel Listing | Request cancellation and provide the reason why it's being cancelled.

Security | There are no logins, passwords or registrations.

Proof of Ownership | If required, we will contact you.

Update Cost | One complimentary update per listing. Additional updates: AU$75.00 an hour (+GST)

Telephone | Featured Advertisers may call during business hours.

Featured Advertising | View Options Here.

If a question has not been answered see Advertising F.A.Q..

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