Update Listing Information

Update Listing Information

This page is used to request changes to content (text, image, links) including edit, modify, reactivate and cancel.

The update process is fast (within 24 hours) with complimentary and paid options.

The complimentary update process is for changes to important or nessesary listing information (ie dates, times prices, contacts). Cosmetic, arbitrary and seo changes are invoiced at an hourly rate.

The request is sent to a page editor who will determine the outcome.

--> How To Request Changes <--

Select (left click) the UPDATE button and explain the required changes in the pop-up message window.

It can be used to change a description, address, telephone number, dates, times, image and links.

If complimentary, the instructions will be actioned and confirmed by reply email. If chargable, a cost will be advised requiring your confirmation before the request is actioned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Description | Provide a complete replacement that can be copy and pasted in one action.

Image* | Upload Image Here and then request image change (above).

URL* | Changes to hyperlinks please include full url (www).

Cancel Listing | Request cancellation and provide a reason.

Proof of Ownership | If required, more information will be requested.

DIY Editor | Publisher reviews all changes to ensure it meets Australian advertising code.

Featured Advertisers | All updates are complimentary: View Advertising Here.

*Cost | AU$75.00 per hour or part therof (+GST)

If a question has not been answered see Advertising F.A.Q..

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