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Trophy Wife Barbie

Following the rapid growth of Trophy Wife Barbie on social media, conceptual artist Annelies Hofmeyr is having her first solo exhibition of mounted Barbie heads at Lord Coconut.

With pieces made especially for Midsumma, Hofmeyr is keen for her work to facilitate discussion on modern gender issues and roles.

Trophy Wife Barbie's main goal is to highlight the limitations of labels and is an invitation to consider what might happen if we celebrate what we have in common, rather than fear the things that set us apart.

Barbie, as a timeless icon - recognised by everyone but carrying meaning that varies tremendously with the viewer - affords a medium that's highly relatable and amusing. The antlers are a physical representation of a label imposed on her, likening her to a hunting trophy; something to be owned.

Presented as part of Midsumma 2018

EXHIBITION OPENING: 5:30pm - 7:30pm 16 January 2018
EXHIBITION: 16 January 2018 - 3 February 2018

Web Link: Trophy Wife Barbie Link opens in new browser window


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