Experience: Dialogue in the Dark

Experience: Dialogue in the Dark

A completely immersive experience in the absence of visual information.

As a visitor to the Dialogue in the Dark experience, you'll receive a better understanding about the real life situation of blind people, and the overcoming of false sympathy, prejudices and stereotypes. Interest replaces ignorance, and lack of understanding can be changed into empathy.

A tour in the Dialogue in the Dark experience lasts for around an hour, and happens in complete darkness. In the beginning it's a shock to accept the total absence of any visual information, but bit by bit human nature is able to adapt and cope with the unusual surroundings.

Most importantly are two helpers:

Melbourne Firstly, a white cane is delivered before the journey starts. This every day aid used by people who are blind helps find orientation in the dark, and protects everyone while moving around by identifying obstacles of all kinds.

Melbourne Secondly, no one is left alone in the dark. All tours are organised in groups of up to eight people, and lead by an experienced and specially trained guides who are blind or partially sighted. S/he knows exactly how to supervise the group. Comfort and safety are guaranteed and, as the most competent ambassador, blind individuals convey a culture without images.

Visitors explore the unseen, and learn to see in darkness

Communication bridges the gaps, and with physical support such as holding hands and most importantly, trust: all people can appreciate the tour in the dark.

The tour guide takes the group through faithfully recreated environments, which are both everyday and iconically Melbourne, allowing the user to experience our city in the unfamiliarity of complete darkness. An invisible landscape emerges, composed out of sounds, scents, wind, textures and temperatures and arises inner pictures in the visitors mind.


Tickets are available for booking through Ticketmaster - book now.

Adult $43.30, Child (9-15 Years) $19.50, Concession $32.10, Family of 4 $99.40

A Handling Fee from $3.95 per transaction applies.
In addition a delivery fee may apply depending on the mode of delivery selected.

For group bookings, please contact Ticketmaster Groups on 1300 889 278.

For all other enquiries please contact us on 1300 411 881.


Monday - closed except for public holidays and special events
Tuesday to Thursday - 10am to 6pm
Friday - 10am - 9pm
Saturday - 10am - 6pm
Sundays and public holidays - 10am - 5pm and by special appointment.

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Happens: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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 Dialogue in the Dark show

Level 1, 29 - 31 Star Crescent,  Docklands Victoria | Map
Event: (03) 9854 4444 | Venue: (03) 9854 4444

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Experience: Dialogue in the Dark


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