The Biggest Tool in Australia

We get sent a lot of pics that end up in the bin, but these pics of party animal Corey Delaney were irresistible...

Corey changes name, not tune

Daily Telegraph - January 29, 2008
DELINQUENT, rebel reveller, party prat.

Those names teen turkey Corey Worthington doesn't have a problem with, but just don't call him Corey Delaney.

The 16-year-old who caused havoc two weeks ago wants to be known by his birth surname, not his step-father's.

"He doesn't have a problem with his stepfather at all,"said his media minder Max Markson. (Worthington) has just always been his name."

Now for the small matter of sorting out his relationship with his stepdad and mother, whom he met for dinner last weekend, apparently for the first time since trashing their house.

Corey Delaney

Seems poor ol' Corey can't take a trick either... not only did his next party flop, his MySpace page is so hard to find that fake sites have popped up everywhere like The World Gets Brainwav'd.

A hoax was made making a fake party boy and the world fell for it. The folks at the show started a hoax telling everyone how much of a great party organizer a fictitious person named Corey Delaney was. They opened up a myspace account at and registered just to look official. They duped many people including the Opie and Anthony show and even made the front page of with their fake videos. Within hours their myspace page had recieved thousands of visitors.

The fake Corey Delaney page the fake video and blogs is adding to a long list of hoaxes that have been running rampant lately on the web. Even a fake Apple keynote speech made it to fooling thousands.

Corey Delaney MySpace

Just to set the record straight, Corey's real site is

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The Biggest Tool in Australia

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Corey changes name, not tune

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