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Supafish | Yarra River Floating Bar

Supafish is a floating pop-up bar on the Yarra River between Ponyfish Island and Sandridge Bridge.

The 300-capacity barge will be serving Mexican cuisine and slinging summer cocktails seven days a week until the end of February 2018.

Timeout Says

Margaritas, ceviche, sunshine and waterfront views: just add a giant neon fish to that equation and you've got yourself summer perfection

Supafish is a 38-metre floating bar by the pair behind Southbank's island bar, Ponyfish Island. Andrew Mackinnon and Grant Smillie clearly have an affiliation for drinks on the water, winning a tender from Parks Victoria to create a new pop-up venue on the Yarra River near Ponyfish Island.

Mackinnon and Smillie have overseen every single part of the operation - from the all-day Mexican grazing menu (created in collaboration with the team behind Hotel Jesus and Mamasita) to the music, which Smillie is curating himself. Drinks-wise, Margaritas and Espresso Martinis will be flowing, as will a healthy kombucha cocktail.

Of course, the real hero is the 300-capacity pop-up bar itself, which will take the shape of a giant, glowing fish. Mackinnon's ambition was to "really push the envelope on what might be achievable on a pop-up". Melbourne event design company Laneway Group will build the fish out of recycled materials and galvanised steel. Don't be put off by its green, glowing eyes; step under the ribs of the fish and you'll be in what will most likely be one of the most photogenic spots of the summer.
Melbourne timeout.com

broadsheet says

Supafish: A Floating, Fluoro Bar on the Yarra
Margaritas and ceviche under a glowing rib cage.

The blue and breezy Arbory Afloat may have just shown up on the Yarra, but a new and considerably more psychedelic floating bar is on the way.

Supafish is a 38-metre-long buoyant booze ship from Grant Smillie and Andrew Mackinnon (Ponyfish Island).

Glowing eyes stare from the front of a steel and neon rib cage that crowns the 300-capacity barge. Laneway Group is taking care of the build.

Open daily from 11am to 1am, the bar will feature Pimm's on tap, kombucha cocktails and Margaritas.

Nick Peters and Matt Lane from Mamasita and Hotel Jesus have put together a menu featuring quesadillas and ceviche - meaning you can eat many tiny bits of fish while standing in a giant one.

Smillie - a well-known Melbourne DJ - will curate the tunes.

Entry is between Ponyfish Island and Sandridge Bridge on Southbank Boulevard.

Melbourne broadsheet.com.au

Supafish will open from early December and run through to February 2018.

Entry is via Southbank Boulevard, between Ponyfish Island and Sandridge Bridge.

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