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Sunday Buffet | All You Can Laugh Improv

Sunday Buffet is a monthly all-you-can-laugh improv feast with three tasty courses delightfully prepared by three delectable improv teams.

Birdshirt Hemsworth

A Hemsworthy collection of improvisers who have been blessed with the best bird genes, Birdshirt Hemsworth features Brendan Wan, Elyce Phillips, Randy Adeva, Rose Bishop, Tom Burton and Zach Navarre, who will perform an improvised funeral service to celebrate the life of a beloved one who tragically passed away thanks to a tragically obscure cause of death suggested by the audience.

Matt & Millie

Matt & Millie are a duo consisting of, as suggested, Matthew Jackson (Matt) and Millie Holten (Millie). Milk and Oreos. Peanut Butter and Jelly. These are two things Matt and Millie enjoy. Both having (uselessly) studied creative writing, they have a passion for story - resulting in twoprov rich in twists, turns, compelling characters and (most importantly) sweet sweet comedy.

Amelia Bearfart

Amelia Bearfart went missing after an aviation disaster over 80 years ago! Rumour has it she is coming back with a vengeance, bringing 7 oh her bearfarts with her! Amelia Bearfart features an all-female cast: Prue Blake, Fiannah de Rue, Emma Hardy, Jessamine Moffett, Ece Mustafoff and Stephanie Teitelbaum.

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