St Kilda Steiner Pre-School

St Kilda Steiner Pre-School

Our kindergarten is situated in the beautiful grounds of the church of St James the Great.

Within these inviting surrounds it is our aim to support families with young children in a holistic way. As well as the kindergarten program, we offer the opportunity to be consciously growing and learning as parents and advocates for childhood through associated activities, including:

Parent education evenings - at least once a term.

Social family events - including festivals in each of the seasons.

Home-based playgroups for families with young children.

Recommended home care with staff/parents from our community.

Craft circles.

Books for families to borrow

We strive to create a nurturing environment with careful thought given to every aspect of physical and human influence, because we believe that every impression of the early years has the potential to be a foundation for future health and well-being. By offering warm support to those of us with children we believe that we are sharing our responsibility as spiritually-developing human beings to take an active role in the continuing health of our community.

All the children participate in a mixed-age; play based curriculum with a strong emphasis on rhythm. Learning is through imitation rather than direction. Whilst the children may stay in the kindergarten program for two or three years, one year will be a government-funded year unless indicated otherwise.

Our kindergarten program began in 2002 out of the initiative of a group of people who wanted an early-childhood education based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner to be available to families in the bayside area of Melbourne. These founding families were fortunate to be welcomed by St James the Great Anglican Church, which granted us the use of a light-filled kindergarten room set in a large natural garden with many mature trees. With love and hard work we have made our kindergarten a place of rare peace and beauty.

Festivals are an Important Part of our Program Through the celebration of the seasonal festivals we are given wonderful opportunities to come together as a community. Each of the four seasons provides us with cause for meaningful celebration with our children.

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St Kilda Steiner Pre-School

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