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Rock Monsters: Black Sabbath Ozzy Osbourne, Twisted Sister & Poison Tributes


ROCK MONSTERS brings together tributes to some of the greatest hard rock and heavy metal bands of the classic era. Once again we're bringing the juggernaut to the iconic Central Club Hotel in Richmond.

Headlining this event is the Mighty WAR PIGS - It won't just be the Generals gathering in their masses - This is the closest thing to Black Sabbath you're ever gonna get! Plus they throw in a bunch of Ozzy solo stuff - because they can!

Next up is STILL TWISTED, a sick mutha f%#*!n' tribute to the original Bad Boys of Rock and Roll' TWISTED SISTER - The Rock & Roll machine that dominated the world, while destroying everything in its path - INCLUDING Disco! STILL TWISTED play all the BIG HITS and NASTY CUTS from Twisted Sisters 40+ year history! PLAY IT LOUD, MUTHA!

Oh my God, look what the cat dragged Melbourne's very own home grown Poison tribute show POISON'D are taking us back to Hollywood's Sunset Strip for all the 80s classics. Get ready for Nothing But A good time!

Doors open at 8:00pm and a LIMITED NUMBER of pre-sell tickets are available from for $15 online, or it's $20 at the door for an awesome night of live entertainment. Be there early and get ready to feel the wrath of the ROCK MONSTERS.

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