Rock Bang – Circus Oz featuring Otto & Astrid

Rock Bang – Circus Oz featuring Otto & Astrid

Rounding out their 40th year, Circus Oz has co-created an original hilarious rock'n'roll extravaganza ' Rock Bang ' with Otto & Astrid from the (self-proclaimed) best band in the world: Die Roten Punkte.

Circus Oz present a collaboration with Otto & Astrid

Rock Bang

A circus rock opera

The Coopers Malthouse | 15-25 November 2018

Part rock concert, part side-splitting comedy and smashed together with acrobatic punk anarchy, Rock Bang is a sensory feast of heart stopping stunts, physical ridiculousness, soaring guitars, thumping drums and contagious tunes.

Utterly dysfunctional siblings Otto & Astrid attempt to tell their fantastical life story of being orphaned as kids and growing up in artist filled squats to become the darlings of Berlin's underground rock scene.

Distracted and inspired by the extraordinary bendy feats of the Circus Oz acrobats, Otto & Astrid quickly descend into squabbling, throwing rehearsed circus routines and songs into spectacular chaos.

Rock Bang is a riotous hard-rocking Circus Oz explosion detonated by Otto & Astrid.

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Otto and Astrid could win Eurovision or inspire anarchy. But they remind us rock’s really about love, red lipstick and flying in a silver spaceship above fans. And banging with a circus that knows how to rock | **** TheAge

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Venue | Location

 The Coopers Malthouse show

113 Sturt St  Southbank Victoria 3006 | Map
Event: | Venue: 03 9685 5111

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Rock Bang – Circus Oz featuring Otto & Astrid

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