Pro Asbestos Removal | Melbourne

Pro Asbestos Removal | Melbourne

Pro Asbestos Removal is a fully licensed asbestos abatement company.

We provide experienced contractors for removal and testing of asbestos. Whether it's a small bathroom renovation or demolishing an entire commercial building, we do it all. Services include asbestos removals, asbestos testing and disposal. We service the entire Melbourne Metropolitan region and surrounding areas.

Construction using asbestos materials was completely banned in 2003. Asbestos is a very hazardous mineral and should be treated with extreme caution. Exposure can put you at risk of contracting fatal diseases and cancer.

Our Services

> Asbestos Inspections
We inspect your premises thoroughly and prepare a detailed report on which areas of the building require attention.
> Asbestos Testing
If you suspect asbestos always get it tested. We provide testing of samples through accrediated NATA labs in Melbourne.
> Asbestos Removal
The company is highly experienced in asbestos removal and can clean out all the asbestos from every room regardless of the kind of building. All this is done by a group of highly skilled specialists who can begin work immediately after the approval of the quote.
> Decontamination.
After they are done with the removal process, a decontamination process begins where they ensure the area is completely safe to be occupied.
> Asbestos Disposal
All the asbestos and any contaminated material are collected and disposed of at an offsite location in the various certified Victorian asbestos disposal sites.
> Notification and clearance
We handle all Government notifications and provide clearance certificates.

Service areas

We provide our services in these regions with in Victoria including:
- The Inner city and CBD
- Melbourne East
- Melbourne West
- Melbourne South
- Melbourne Wes
- Melbourne North.

Contact Us

Pro Asbestos Removal Melbourne is one of the best asbestos removal companies in Victoria, so if you are in need of any of our services get in touch. today. Phone our team direct on (03) 8595 9899.

Request your free no obligation quote today.

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Pro Asbestos Removal | Melbourne  5/117 Hardware Street,  Melbourne Victoria 
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 Telephone: 03 8595 9899

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Pro Asbestos Removal | Melbourne

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