Potted creates beautiful finished pots & plants, large and small that are perfect for your balcony, courtyard or desk!

We also provide indoor plant hire & office plant hire.

At Potted were all about helping the average (or the exceptional) non-green thumbed person have fun and happy plants inside their homes and outside in their gardens. Were also committed to taking the hassle out of it by preparing all the things you need to have a your very own green pet.

We select the hardiest of plants, the brightest and funkiest pots and put them together with all the finishing touches so that all you have to do is pick your favourite then and there.

If its to big to carry well even deliver it for you! The prices on our Pet Plants are for the whole kit and caboodle plant, pot, pebbles and personality!

To make it even simpler for those who are vegetatively challenged we give you the inside information on their name and their secret personality. A bit like a marriage, you need to find the right partner and one that doesnt nag, doesnt cost the earth and wont expect a complete house renovation.

Although our pet plants are our main deal we do also have a few other products and services, like: we have a range of empty pots, small bags of our special soils and bags of pebbles. We'll source pots, plants, pebbles or any other garden paraphernalia you require.

....And we can help you with a huge range of indoor plant hire options!

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Potted83 Brunswick Street  Fitzroy Victoria 3065 | Map
03 9419 6205

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