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Pivot | Melbourne Fringe

Live Art

You can't see without a saw. Pivot will help balance things out.

Consider this an invitation to join the conversation.

For the duration of the 2017 Melbourne Fringe Festival, our city will transform into a playground for adults with Pivot, a live art conversation kick-starter that connects you with your fellow citizens in a tete--tete mediated by a talking seesaw. Only at Fringe, right?

We've stopped listening to each other. We hear what we want to hear, shut out the noise, scroll past (or unfollow) with ease, quickly put confronting opinions in the too-hard basket. The echo chamber is real, people.

Pivot is our antidote: a sea of sculptural seesaws, equipped with built-in voice communicators with a mind of their own. With an artificially intelligent guide, you and your playground counterpart will be poked, probed, questioned and counselled as you seesaw your way to equilibrium.

A joyful and provocative intervention in public space, Pivot will help unleash your inner child as it playfully looks at the role of conversation in our democracy, gifting you, the people of our city, a voice (plus you legit get to ride play equipment for art).

You can't see without a saw. Pivot will help balance things out.

This event is proudly supported by City of Melbourne.

Federation Square
Corner of Swanston & Flinders Streets
Melbourne VIC 3000

This is a free event

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