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Miss Colombia | Album Launch Party

Melbourne's own tropical, electro-funk band Miss Colombia will launch their debut album Open Your Eyes with an explosive afternoon of carnivalesque music, dance and performance that will transform Northcote Social Club into a family friendly South American street party on 6 October from 2-5pm supported by LA DESCARGA -Afro-Colombian Tropical music and DJ Chris Gill from Northside Records and Triple R - 3RRR 102.7FM.

Miss Colombia band is at the forefront of an emerging genre of music where Latin beats and rhythms fuse with Australian urban sounds. Their all ages, inclusive concerts feature dancers, visually stunning costumes and video art projections which make a Miss Colombia gig a treat not only to the ears, but also to the eyes.

Aiming to be a deliberate counterpoint to mainstream cultural representation of Colombia seen on the Miss Universe stage, or on Netflix's Narcos, Miss Colombia combine elements of Caribbean groove with an electronic, psychedelic, hip-hop feel bringing a new kind of tropical spice to the dancefloor.

Band leaders Jorge Leiva and Claudia Escobar grew up in Colombia in the 70s and 80s and, like many of their generation, ventured out to explore global modern cities and became rooted the counterculture of Melbourne. Jorge was percussionist for Mister Gomes en Bombay, one of the breakthrough bands in Colombia's resurgence of electronic Cumbia. Multi-award winning artist Claudia Escobar, has a contagious stage presence to get the party started.

Joined by hip-hop rising star Cazeaux O.S.L.O, MC Clandestino's socially conscious lyricism, guitar especialista Mat Robb and afro-funk styling prodigies Jay Scarlett and Anthony Tropea, Miss Colombia have been entertaining audiences at festivals around Australia since 2013.

'Our generation grew up looking to fly somewhere, we came to Australia and it felt good, Melbourne spoils us, indulges us, we like it, though we also constantly feel so strongly how we miss Colombia. Open Your Eyes is about loving and missing' (Jorge Leiva and Claudia Escobar)

Released independently, Open Your Eyes is the result of five years of work and alliances between more than twenty-five Melbourne based artists including producers, musicians, performing artists and video artists. The album is the product of the efforts of a broad range of artistic practices, international cultures, musical styles and a celebration of the modern urban community in Australia.

Miss Colombia's music has also featured in film, television and online media campaigns. They were commissioned to create music for the internationally awarded animated short film Butterflies (2017); contributed to the worldwide social media campaign against stereotypes The Colombian Ambush (2018), and in Australia their music has featured on series Idiot Box (2015).

From 6 October Open Your Eyes will be available on vinyl at record stores and will be available to download at https://misscolombiaband.com/music

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