Mirror of the World: Books and Ideas

Mirror of the World: Books and Ideas

Discover stunning artwork alongside powerful words in this visual feast for book-lovers.

Recent acquisitions and new stories are featured each year in this special exhibition, revealing different aspects of the Library’s Rare Books collection, and showcasing rare and significant works that trace the history of book design from medieval manuscripts to comics.

From 7 October 2016, the exhibition features 281 new items on display, dating from 2050 BC to the present day. Highlights include:

Prince Rupert and his pet poodle, Boy
This selection from the Emmerson collection focuses on the dashing Prince Rupert of Bohemia (Charles I’s nephew) and his pet poodle, Boy. Prince Rupert was a native of Bohemia who went to England to support his uncle in 1642 – the year that longstanding clashes between Charles I and his parliament erupted into what became the English Civil War. Rupert won several key battles for Charles, drawing admiration from the Royalists while raising the ire of Parliamentarians. This display includes:

Melbourne pamphlets about Rupert’s poodle Boy written by both the Royalists and the Parliamentarians. These satirical pamphlets reached a comic highpoint in A Dialogue, or, Rather a Parley Betweene Prince Ruperts Dogge Whose Name Is Puddle and Tobies Dog Whose Name Is Pepper, in which Boy and the Parliament’s dog Pepper argue about the politics of their masters.
Melbourne A copy of Cicero’s De officiis owned by Prince Rupert and bearing his signature
Melbourne a letter from Charles I to his nephew, written in the king’s own hand.

Japanese kimono designs
This display explores the art and culture of Japanese fashion through 19th-century woodblock-printed Japanese books from our collection, with a special focus on textile and kimono pattern books.

'Discovering' Egypt
This display focuses on the 'discovery' of Egypt by Western Europeans in the 19th century.

After periods of Greek and Roman rule (which introduced Christianity to Egypt), Arabic Muslim forces conquered Egypt in 639AD. During the medieval and early modern period, Islamic dynasties ruled the region and contact with Europe was almost non-existent. The Ottomon Empire reigned in Egypt from 1532 to 1867, with a brief interruption by Emperor Napoleon I of France between 1798 and 1801. In those three short years, Europe 'discovered' the cultural and natural world of Egypt and prompted a new field of scholarship: Egyptology.

This display includes many never-before-exhibited items from our collection, including:

Melbourne books by Athanasius Kircher, the 17th-century Jesuit priest and polymath who was the first to attempt to decode Egyptian hieroglyphs
Melbourne books on the 19th-century race between England and France to decode the hieroglyphs, with Frenchman Jean-Francois Champollion triumphing over Englishman Thomas Young after Napoleon’s forces discovered the Rosetta Stone
Melbourne photography of Egypt in the 19th century by Francis Frith and Maxime du Camp.

Opening hours
This free exhibition is open 10am–5pm daily.

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