Melbourne Buildings Guide

 Melbourne Buildings

In it's relatively short history, the City of Melbourne boasts some of the finest examples of building architecture found anywhere in the world.  This is a guide to past and present buildings located in the city of Melbourne Victoria Australia.

Melbourne Architecture Guide

Buildings of Melbourne Victoria Australia

Collins Street Baptist Church 1845 John Gill, Joseph Reed 
Como House 1846 A.E. Johnson 
John Smith House 1848 Charles Laing 
Toorak House 1849 unknown 
Bishopscourt 1849 Newson & Blackburn 
Young and Jacksons Hotel 1853 John Flannagan 
Royal Terrace 1853 John Gill 
State Library of Victoria 1854 Joseph Reed 
Law School Building (Melbourne University) 1854 F.M White 
Parliament House 1856 Peter Kerr & J.G.Knight 
Clarendon Terrace 1856 Osgood Pritchard 
Melbourne Grammar School Main Quadrangle 1856 Webb & Taylor 
Government Printing Office 1856 J.J Clark 
The Treasury Building 1857 J.J. Clark 
St James Old Church 1857 Robert Russell 
East Melbourne Terrace 1857 unknown 
Wesley Church 1857 Joseph Reed 
Glenfern 1857 Charles Laing 
St Patricks Roman Catholic Cathedral 1858 William Wardell 
The Melbourne Club 1858 Leonard Terry 
Royal Society Building 1858 Reed & Barnes 
St Marys Cathedral 1858 Lloyd Tayler 
Seabrook House 1858 Leonard Terry 
D Estaville 1858 Knight & Kerr 
Holyman House 1858 John Gill 
Lazar Restaurant 1858 Leonard Terry 
General Post Office 1859 A.E. Johnson 
Baptist Church House 1859 Thomas Watts 
St Marys Church 1859 William Wardell 
Num Pon Soon 1860 Peter Kerr 
Masonic Hall 1860~ unknown 
Old Colonial Mutual Life Building 1860~ unknown
East Melbourne Residence 1861 Joseph Reed 
Prahran Town Hall 1861 Crouch & Wilson 
Goldsborough Mort Building 1862 John Gill 
Commercial Banking Company of Sydney 1862 Joseph Reed 
Church of Christ 1863 Charles Webb 
Willsmere 1864 Public Works Department 
Braemar 1865 Leonard Terry 
Victorian College for the Deaf 1866 Crouch & Wilson 
St Michaels Uniting Church 1866 Reed & Barnes 
Elizabeth House 1866 unknown 
Commercial Bank of Australia 1867 unknown 
The Menzies Hotel 1867 Reed & Barnes 
Cyprus Terrace 1867 unknown 
Rippon Lea 1868 Reed & Barnes, Lloyd Tayler 
Bendigonia 1868 John Beswicke 
Melbourne Town Hall 1869 Joseph Reed 
Former Royal Mint 1869 J.J. Clark 
Royal Arcade 1869 Charles Webb 
St Augustines Catholic Church 1869 T.A Kelly 
Former Christian Brothers College 1869 William Wardell 
James Service & Co 1870~ unknown
Chartres 1870~ unknown 
Macarthur Sheppard and Copeland Warehouse 1870~ unknown 
Government House 1871 William Wardell 
Former London Chartered Bank 1871 Leonard Terry 
Portland House 1872 Lloyd Tayler 
Kamesburgh 1872 Lloyd Tayler 
Horticultural Hall 1872 William Ellerker 
Trades Hall 1873 Reed & Barnes 
Customs House 1873 J.J. Clark 
ES&A Bank Hawthorn 1873 Leonard Terry 
Cambridge Terrace 1873 unknown 
Fitzroy Town Hall 1873 William J Ellis & G Johnson 
Scots Church 1873 Reed & Barnes 
Victorian Titles Office 1874 J.J. Clark 
Law Courts 1874 Smith & Johnson 
State Government Offices 1874 Michael Egan 
Primary School No 1479 1874 Henry Bastow 
Primary School No. 1181 1874 J Schnieder 
Primary School No. 1467 1874 Crouch & Wilson 
Former Campbell Residence 1875 Leonard Terry 
Old ANZ on Collins 1875~ unknown 
Savage Club 1875~ unknown 
ANZ Bank 1876 Reed & Barnes 
Faraday School 1876 Reed & Barnes 
Royal Institute for the Blind 1876 Crouch & Wilson 
Mandeville Hall 1876 Charles Webb 
Library of the Supreme Court 1877 Smith & Johnson 
East Melbourne Synagogue 1877 Crouch & Wilson 
Emerald Hill Estate Residences 1877 unknown 
St George Uniting Church 1877 Albert Purchas 
Eastern Market 1877 Reed & Barnes 
Wilson Hall (Melbourne University) 1878 Reed & Barnes 
Tasma Terrace 1878 Charles Webb 
The Royal Exhibition Building 1879 Reed & Barnes 
The Australia Club 1879 J. Charlesworth 
Melbourne Coffee Palace 1879 William Pitt 
South Melbourne Town Hall 1879 Charles Webb 
Metropolitan Meat Market 1879 G R Johnson 
Primary School No. 1253 1880 Charles Webb 
Yorkshire Brewery 1880 James Wood 
Burke and Wills Hotel 1880~ unknown 
Clyde House 1880~ unknown 
Melbourne Permanent Building Society 1880~ unknown 
The Premier Building 1880~ unknown 
Murray House 1880~ unknown 
MLC Assurance Building 1880~ unknown 
Watts Orient Hotel 1880~ unknown 
Ormond College (Melbourne University) 1881 Joseph Reed 
Melville House 1881 unknown 
Primary School No. 2365 1881 Henry Bastow 
Primary School No. 253 1881 unknown 
Victoria Brewery 1882 William Pitt 
Mosspennoch 1882 Charles Webb 
Melbourne College of Printing 1882 Henry Bastow 
Windsor Hotel (formerly the Grand Hotel) 1883 Charles Webb 
Gothic Bank 1883 William Wardell 
Marion Terrace 1883 unknown 
New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company 1883 Lloyd Tayler 
Primary School No.2605 1883 Henry Bastow 
Gordon House 1884 William Pitt 
J H Boyd Girls High School 1884 Henry Bastow 
Old Pathology Building (Melbourne University) 1885 Reed, Henderson & Smart 
Athenaeum 1885 Smith & Johnson 
Francis Ormond building 1885
Robbs Buildings 1885 Thomas Watts & Sons 
Collingwood Town Hall 1885 George R Johnson 
5 Collins Street 1885 unknown 
Princess Theatre 1886 William Pitt 
Queens Bess Row 1886 Tappin, Gilbert & Dennehy 
MMTB building 1886 Alexander Davidson 
Halcyon 1886 Frederick De Garris 
Prahran Court House 1886 C.R Gilchrist 
Felton Building 1886 F.W Prell 
Her Majestys Theatre 1886 Nahum Barnet 
Primary School No. 2634 1886 S.E Brindley 
Cromwell Building 1886~ unknown 
Lombard Building 1887 Reed, Henderson & Smart 
Baldwin Spencer Building (Melbourne University) 1887 Reed, Henderson & Smart 
Hibernian Hall 1887 Tappin, Gilbert & Dennehy 
Sum Kum Lee 1887 George De Lacy Evans 
Record Chambers 1887 J.A.B Koch 
Carlton Court House 1887 G.B.H Austin 
Hotel Victoria 1887 Richard Speight 
Grosvenor Chambers 1887 Oakden, Addison & Kemp 
Olderfleet Building 1888 William Pitt 
Former Stock Exchange 1888 William Pitt 
City of Melbourne Buildings 1888 Ellerker And Kilburn 
South Australian Insurance Building 1888 Oakden, Addison & Kemp 
RESI Chambers 1888 Wight & Lucas 
James Bond Store 1888 Lloyd Tayler 
Former Teachers College (Melbourne University) 1888 G.B.H Austin 
Old Physics Conference Room and Galler 1888 Reed, Henderson & Smart 
Former Victorian Railway Headquarters 1888 unknown
Federal Hotel and Coffee Palace 1888 William Pitt 
Lalor house 1888 William Wolf 
Denton Hat Mills 1888 William Pitt 
Old Bourke Street West Police Station 1888 S.E Bindley S.C Brittingham 
Leicester House 1888 unknown 
Forresters Hall 1888 Ravenscroft & Freeman 
Dalmeny House 1888 Thomas Watts 
Rechabite Hall 1888 Colin Campbell 
Finks Building 1888 Twentyman & Askew 
Old Police Headquarters Offices 1888 unknown 
Queen Victoria Buildings 1888 unknown 
Electric Light Station 1888 unknown 
M A Alexander Building 1888~ unknown 
Parkers Crystal Cafe 1888~ unknown 
Patterson, Lang and Bruce Building 1888~ unknown 
Grosvenor 1888~ Leonard Terry 
Junction Hotel 1888~ unknown 
City of Melbourne Bank 1888~ unknown 
New York Permanent Building Society 1888~ unknown 
APA Building (The Australian Building) 1889 Henry Kemp 
Rialto building 1889 William Pitt 
North Fitzroy ANZ Bank 1889 Oakden, Addison & Kemp 
Carlton Club 1889 Inskip & Robertson 
Parkville Post Office 1889 S.C Brittingham, S.E Brindley 
Prahran Arcade 1889 George McMullen 
Labassa 1889 J.A.B Koch 
Charsfield 1889 Charles Webb 
Colonial Mutual Chambers 1889 unknown 
Coops Shot Tower 1889 unknown 
Goods Shed No 2 1889 unknown 
Ulimaroa 1889 unknown 
Melbourne Fish Markets 1890 unknown 
Old Safe Deposit Building 1890 William Pitt 
The Block Arcade 1890 D.C. Askew 
Salvation Army City Temple 1890 Billing & Son 
Austral Buildings 1890 Nahum Barnet 
Stalbridge Chambers 1890 D.C. Askew 
Former Money Order Post Office and Savings Bank 1890 Peter Kerr 
Melbourne Sun Insurance Building 1890 F.M White 
Rathgael 1890 unknown 
Town Hall Chambers 1890 unknown 
RMIT Building 4 1890 unknown 
Union Trustees Company Chambers 1890~ unknown 
Alexandra Club 1890~ unknown 
Mutual Store 1891 Reed, Smart and Tappin 
A.C Goode House 1891 Wright, Reed & Beaver 
St Pauls Anglican Cathedral 1891 William Butterfield 
Winfield Building 1891 Charles DEbro & Richard Speight 
Tower House 1891 William Pitt 
Church Manse 1891 unknown 
Tram & Omnibus Building 1891 Twentyman & Askew 
Wool Broking Premises John Sanderson and company 1891 unknown 
Collingwood Post Office 1891 John H Marsden 
Netherby 1891 D.C. Askew 
Mutual Store 1891 Reed, Smart and Tappin 
A.C Goode House 1891 Wright, Reed & Beaver 
St Pauls Anglican Cathedral 1891 William Butterfield 
Winfield Building 1891 Charles DEbro & Richard Speight 
Tower House 1891 William Pitt 
Church Manse 1891 unknown 
Tram & Omnibus Building 1891 Twentyman & Askew 
Wool Broking Premises John Sanderson and company 1891 unknown 
Collingwood Post Office 1891 John H Marsden 
Netherby 1891 D.C. Askew 
St Pauls Chapter House 1891 William Butterfield 
Victorian Artists Society 1892 Richard Speight, Harry Tompkins 
Metropolitan Fire Station 1892 Smith & Johnson, Lloyd Tayler 
Medley Hall 1892 W.S. Law 
Commercial Union Assurance Building 1892 William Pitt 
Former South Yarra Post Office 1892 A.J Macdonald 
Supreme Court Annexe 1892 S.E Brindley 
Colonial Mutual Life Building 1893 Edward E. Raht 
Church of England Mission 1894 unknown 
Church of England Mission Hall 1894 Charles Webb 
Doctor Barrett Residence 1895 Nahum Barnet 
Perseverence Hotel 1895~ unknown 
119-125 Little Bourke Street 1898 Nahum Barnet 
Royston House 1898 Sulman & Power 
Craig Williamsons Department Store 1898 unknown 
Congregation Hall 1898 unknown 
Former Records Office 1900 S.E Brindley 
Salvation Army Training Garrison 1900 Edward Saunders 
Mitre Tavern 1900 unknown 
Flinders Street Station 1901 J.W. Fawcett & H.P.C. Ashworth 
Former Gollin and Company Building 1901 Charles Debro 
Milton House 1901 Sydney Smith & Ogg 
Melbourne Sports Depot 1901 Nahum Barnet 
Salvation Army Printing Works 1901 unknown 
290-292 Bourke Street 1902 unknown 
St Nicholas School 1902 Guyon Purchas and William H. Shields 
City Baths 1903 J.J Clark 
Mason Firth and McCutcheon 1903 Nahum Barnet 
Adelaide Steamship Company 1904 Charles Debro 
Conservatory of Music and Melba Hall 1905 Bates, Peebles & Smart 
Paton Building 1905 Nahum Barnet 
Empire Building 1905 Nahum Barnet 
Champions Hotel 1905~ unknown 
Agriculture Department buiding 1906 George Watson 
City Watch house 1907 G.B.H.Austin, Public Works Department 
Scottish House 1907 Charles Debro 
Aberdeen Building 1907 Nahum Barnet 
Professional Chambers 1908 Beverly Ussher 
Town Hall administration building 1908 J.J & E.J Clark 
Hoopers Store 1908 H.W & F.B Tompkins 
Snider & Abrahams Building 1908 H R Crawford 
Empire Works Factory 1909 William Pitt 
Former New Zealand Mercantile building 1909 Oakden & Ballantyne 
Centreway 1909 H.W & F.B Tompkins 
Geological Museum 1909 John H Marsden 
Church of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart 1910 Reed, Smart & Tappin 
Scotts Hotel 1910 Arthur Henry Fisher 
Victorian Racing Club 1910 William Pitt 
James McEwan and Company 1910~ unknown 
The Britannia 1910~ unknown 
Tomasetti Warehouse 1910~ unknown 
Huddart Parker Building 1910~ unknown 
Ackmans Building 1910~ unknown 
Annerly Terrace 1910~ unknown 
Melbourne Mansions 1910~ Walter Butler and George Inskip 
City Courts 1911 G.B.H.Austin, Public Works Department 
Former Queen Victoria Hospital 1911 J.J Clark 
The Auditorium 1912 Nahum Barnet 
Queensland Building 1912 Walter Butler & Richard Norman Bradshaw 
Commercial Travellers Association 1912 Harry Tompkins 
Sir Charles Hotham Hotel 1912 William Pitt 
Commonwealth Offices 1912 John Smith Murdoch 
280-282 Bourke Street 1913 Nahum Barnet 
Former Mail Exchange 1913 John Smith Murdoch 
Georges Department Store 1913 Nahum Barnet 
Alstons Corner 1913 Nahum Barnet 
Assembly Hall 1914 Henry Kemp 
Church of Our Lady of Victories Basilica 1914 A.A. Fritsch 
Canterbuty Flats 1914 H.W & F.B Tompkins 
Lewiss 1915~ unknown 
Manchester House 1915~ unknown 
National Bank of Queensland 1915~ unknown 
Bunnings Store 1915~ unknown 
Newman College (Melbourne University) 1916 Walter Burley Griffin 
Braille Library and Hall 1918 A & K Henderson 
Leviathan Building 1918~ unknown 
Mission to Seamens Building 1919 unknown 
National Home Purchase Society 1920~ unknown 
Presbyterian Church 1920~ unknown 
City Mutual Life Assurance Society 1920~ unknown 
Chartres House 1920~ unknown 
Yooralla 1920~ unknown 
The Strand Hotel 1920~ Smith, Ogg and Serpell 
Herald & Weekly Times Building 1921 H.W & F.B Tompkins 
Old Arts Building (Melbourne University) 1921 S.C. Brittingham 
Capitol House 1921 Walter Burley Griffin 
McDonald and Company Building 1921 Robertson and Marks 
Victor Horsley Chambers 1922 W A M Blackett, Porster 
London Stores 1922 Harry Tompkins 
Former Royal Automobile Club of Victoria 1923 J S Keagh 
Public Benefit Bootery 1923 Grainger Little Barlow & Hawkins 
Argus Building 1924 Godfrey & Spowers 
Temple Court 1924 Graninger Little Barlow and Hawkings 
Palais de danse 1925 Walter Burley Griffin 
Nicholas Building 1925 Harry Norris 
State Savings Bank 1925 Stephenson and Meldrum 
Building corner Swanston and Little Collins 1925~ unknown 
Glens Building 1925~ Marcus Barlow 
Kurrajong House 1926 RM & MH King 
Deva House 1926 Harry Norris 
Former High Court 1926 John Smith Murdoch 
The Shrine of Remembrance 1927 Hudson & Wardrop 
Former AMP Building 1927 Bates, Smart & McCutcheon 
APA tower 1927 unknown 
Emily McPherson College (RMIT) 1927 Evan Smith 
National Bank 1927 Kinglsey Henderson 
Palais Theatre 1927 Henry White 
Francis House 1927 Blackett & Forster 
Comedy Theatre 1927 Walkley and Hollinshead 
Forum Cinemas 1928 John Eberson, Bohringer, Taylor & Johnson 
Former ES&A Bank (ANZ) 1928 unknown 
T&G Building 1928 A & K Henderson 
Melbourne High School 1928 Edwin Evan Smith 
Majorca Building 1928 Harry Norris 
Savoy Plaza Hotel 1928 Leslie M. Perott 
Victoria Hotel (East wing) 1928 unknown 
Westpac Bank 1929 Godfrey & Spowers 
Howey House 1929 Marcus Barlow 
Alcaston House 1929 A & K Henderson 
Port Authority Building 1929 Sydney Smith, Ogg & serpell 
Regent Theatre 1929 Cedric H Ballantyne 
Former Coles Store No 2 1929 Harry Norris 
Melbourne Synagogue 1929 Nahum Barnet 
Mutual Life and Citizens Assurance Co (MLC) 1930 Kingsley Henderson 
Equity Chambers 1930 Oakley & Parkes 
Commonwealth Bank Building 1930 unknown 
David Jones building 1930~ unknown 
Former State Electricity Commission (SEC) Buildings 1930~ unknown 
Kingsgate Hotel 1930~ unknown 
Manchester Unity Building 1932 Marcus Barlow 
Yule House 1932 Oakley & Parkes 
The Royal Apartments 1932 Archibald Ikin 
Newspaper House 1933 Stephenson & Meldrum. Waller, Mervyn Napier 
Myer Department Store 1933 H.W & F.B Tompkins 
Kodak House 1934 Oakley & Parkes 
Patterson Ltd Building 1934 A. W. Parnell 
Former Buckley & Nunn 1934 Bates, Smart & McCutcheon 
McPherson Building 1934 Reid & Pearson 
Royal Australian College of Surgeons 1934 Irwin & Stevenson 
Beehive Building 1935 J. Plottel 
Mandalay Flats 1935 unknown 
Pheonix House 1935~ unknown 
Lonsdale House 1935~ I G Anderson 
Shell Corner 1935~ Kingsley Henderson 
Alkira House 1936 James Wardrop 
ACA Building 1936 Hennessey & Hennessy 
Melbourne Theosophical Society 1936 Marsh and Michaelson 
Mitchell House 1936 Harry Norris 
Anzac House 1938 Oakley & Parkes 
Former National Bank 1938 Meldrum and Noads 
Century Building 1939 Marcus Barlow 
National Trustees Executors Agency 1939 A & K Henderson 
Commonwealth Bank 1939 W. Henderson 
Australian Natives Association 1939 Marsh and Michaelson 
Carlow House 1939 Harry Norris 
Russell Street Police HQ 1940 Percy Everett 
London and Lancashire Building 1940 A S and R A Eggleston 
Royal Bank Branch E,S&A 1940~ unknown 
Hotel Australia 1940~ unknown 
Barlow Jensen House 1941 Marcus Barlow 
FAI House 1941 Percy Everett 
Stanhill Flats 1948 Frederick Romberg 
Agriculture Annexe 1948 Percy Everett 
No.2 Treasury Western Annexe 1949 Percy Everett 
Allied Insurance Office Building 1952 A.C. Leith, Bartlett & Partners 
Gilbert Court 1954 J. L. A. La Gerche 
Town Hall Hotel 1954 Best Overand 
ICI House 1955 Bates, Smart & McCutcheon 
Hume House 1955 Bates, Smart & McCutcheon 
Hosies Hotel 1955 Mussen, McKay and Potter 
Coates Building 1957 J. L. A. La Gerche 
Commonwealth Centre 1958 unknown 
Canton Union Insurance Company 1958 Bates Smart & McCutcheon 
Norwich Union Insurance 1958 Yuncken Freeman 
National Mutual House 1960 unknown 
60 Market Street 1960~ unknown 
Southern Cross Hotel 1962 unknown 
Victorian State Offices 1962 Yuncken Freeman 
No.1 Treasury 1962 Barry Patten 
Domain Park Towers 1962 Frederick Romberg and Robin Boyd 
CRA building 1963 Bernard Evans 
Royal Insurance Group Building 1964 Yuncken Freeman 
Total Carpark 1964 Bogle Banfield and Associates 
Scottish Amicable Building 1966 Yuncken Freeman 
Victorian Arts Centre 1967 Roy Grounds 
Gas and Fuel Corporation Towers 1967 Leslie M. Perrott and Partners 
BHP House 1967 Yuncken Freeman, Skidmore Owings & Merril 
Flagstaff House 1968 Yuncken Freeman 
AMP Building 1969 Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, Bates, Smart & McCutcheon 
Legal and General Building 1969 unknown 
500 Collins Street 1970 unknown 
Eagle House 1971 Yuncken Freeman 
Nauru House 1972 Perrott Lyon Timlock and Kesa 
Hospital Benefits Association Building 1972~ unknown 
303 Collins 1973 unknown 
Estates House 1974 Yuncken Freeman 
Optus House 1975 unknown 
Building 1975 unknown 
National Australia Bank Headquarters 1978 unknown 
Westpac Building 1978 unknown 
Collins Place ANZ tower 1980 Pei Cobb Freed and Partners 
ACI House 1980~ unknown 
Collins Place Tower & Sofitel Hotel 1981 Pei Cobb Freed and Partners 
Commonwealth Bank Tower 1983 Eggleston MacDonald and Secomb 
1 Collins Street 1984 Denton Corker Marshall 
Rialto Towers 1985 Gerard de Preu 
Grand Hyatt Hotel 1986 Peddle Thorp and Walker 
91-97 William Street 1987 Denton Corker Marshall 
90 Collins Street 1987 Robert Peck von Hartel Trethowan 
Melbourne Central 1988 Kisho Kurokawa, Bates, Smart & McCutcheon
Shell House 1988 Harry Seidler 
New Customs House 1988~ Daryl Jackson 
BHP Petroleum Plaza (120 Collins) 1989 Hassel Architects 
TAC House 1989 Denton Corker Marshall 
114-128 Flinders Street 1989 Denton Corker Marshall 
Bourke Place 1990 Godfrey & Spowers 
333 Collins 1990 Robert Peck von Hartel Trethowan 
Stock Exchange 1990 Peddle Thorp and Walker 
101 Collins 1991 Denton Corker Marshall 
KPMG House 1991 Metier 3 
The Argus Centre 1991 Nonda Katsalidis 
171 Latrobe Street 1991 Nonda Katsalidis 
Telstra Corporate Building 1992 unknown 
Herald & Weekly Times Tower 1992 unknown 
Casseldon Place 1992 unknown 
Sheraton Towers Southgate 1992 unknown 
ANZ World Headquarters 1993 Peddle Thorp 
RMIT Building 8 1993 Edmund & Corrigan 
IBM Tower 1993 unknown 
The Green Building 1994 Ashton Raggatt McDougall 
Melbourne Terrace Apartments 1994 Nonda Katsalidis 
SECV Headquarters 1994 Metier 3 
Esso Corporate Headquarters 1995 Peddle Thorp 
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre 1996 Denton Corker Marshall 
St Leonards Apartments 1996 Nonda Katsalidis 
1 Queensberry Street 1996~ unknown 
Crown Towers 1997 Daryl Jackson 
The Westin Hotel 1998 Desmond Brooks International
Ian Potter Museum of Art (University of Melbourne) 1998 Nonda Katsalidis 
Park Hyatt Hotel 1999 Buchan Group 
Republic Towers 1999 Nonda Katsalidis 
Melbourne Museum 1999 Denton Corker Marshall 
Commonwealth Law Courts 1999 Hassel Architects 
Franklin Lofts 2000 Peddle Thorp 
Philadelphia Building 2001 Robert Peck von Hartel Trethowan 
Clarendon Towers 2001 unknown 
The Melburnian Apartments 2001 Bates Smart, Roger Poole and Jeff Copolov 
Liberty Tower 2001 Callum Fraser 
Yarra Crest 2001 unknown 
Marquise Apartments 2002 Brett Robertson 
Centurion Apartments 2002 unknown 
One Wallace Avenue 2002 Demaine Partnership 
Australian Centre of Contemporary Art (Ngargee) 2002 Wood Marsh 

Melbourne's Tallest Building (Walking Melbourne)

Melbourne's skyscraper record is impressive, by any standards. The city has a history of tall buildings, just as do other cities such as Chicago and New York. Despite a general 40 metre height limit enforced between 1916 and 1957, which precluded anything but decorative towers, the city has had a history of impressive skyscrapers, which included many of the world's first skyscrapers in the 1890s.

Melbourne has for many years laid claim to Australia's tallest building.

The city once had the world's 3rd tallest skyscraper in the Australian Building 1889 (sadly demolished in the 1980s). The building was Australia's and the southern hemisphere's very first true skyscraper (12 storeys or taller).

Today, Melbourne is home to 6 out of the 10 tallest buildings in Australia, and Australia's tallest since 1980 in the Rialto (as well as the title of tallest in the southern hemisphere). The skyline is one of the world's most admired. The Eureka Tower will retain that title for many years to come, and gain a new title as the world's tallest residential tower.

A list of the tallest city buildings in Melbourne's history:

Yorkshire Brewery
8 storeys
status : heritage registered but in extremely derelict condition

Fink's Building
43 metres & 10 storeys
status : demolished (c1960)

The Australian Building
53 metres & 12 storeys
status : demolished (c1980)

APA Tower
76 metres & 14 storeys
status : demolished (c1969)

ICI House
81 metres & 20 storeys
status : heritage registered

CRA Building
96 metres & 26 storeys
status : demolished (c1992)

AMP Square
113 metres & 28 storeys
status : under threat

BHP House
152 metres & 31 storeys
status : heritage registered

Optus House
153 metres & 34 storeys

Nauru House
182 metres & 52 storeys

Collins Place
185 metres & 50 storeys

Rialto Towers
251 metres & 63 storeys

Eureka Tower
297 metres & 88 storeys

My personal belief is that no city should demolish a previously tallest building, as they are bound to be a landmark of their era and are more often than not a representation of the finest in architectural and engineering achievements of their time. I firmly believe that these things should be taken into strong consideration when registering buildings for heritage value. This is especially the case given that 4 out of 12 of these Melbourne skyscrapers no longer exist. 

One such example is the AMP building, which, despite it's formidable size is touted for demolition for a new development - the taller Church Place development. The AMP building is a fine example of 1960s high-rise construction, and shows heavy influence from the CBS building in New York. I believe that the lower St James buildings that frame the tower could be demolished to make way for several towers, however the main tower and plaza should be preserved, as along with it's neighbour BHP House it is one of the best examples in Melbourne - if not Australia - of an early self referential modern skyscraper. It would be a tragedy if this once tallest landmark were demolished, and it would further blemish the city's poor performance in preserving it's talls for future generations. 

Information supplied by Walking Melbourne.

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