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Asked recently, where do Melbourne suburbs finish and country towns begin? Good question.. we went with a 25klm radius. Anything within 25k is a suburb.


View Event: Murrindindi 3717
Murrindindi 3717
Murrindindi is a shire created on 18 November, 1994, by the amalgamation of Alexandra and Yea shires and parts of Whittlesea city and Broadford, Eltham, Euroa and Healesville shires. The name comes ..
Murrindindi 3717Murrindindi 3717

View Event: Nagambie 3608
Nagambie 3608
The town of Nagambie is located in a pastoral and agricultural region between Seymour and Shepparton, on the shores of the picturesque Lake Nagambie. Nagambie is an attractive holiday spot, offerin ..
Nagambie 3608Nagambie 3608

View Event: Newcomb 3219
Newcomb 3219
Newcomb, a residential suburb adjoining Geelong East, is 3 km. south-east of Geelong. It is named after Caroline Newcomb, companion of Anne Drysdale who was a pioneer pastoralist in the Drysdale d ..
Newcomb 3219Newcomb 3219

View Event: Norlane 3214
Norlane 3214
Norlane is a residential suburb immediately north of the Ford motor plant in Geelong. It was named after Norman Lane, a local serviceman from the district who was captured at Singapore and died wo ..
Norlane 3214Norlane 3214

View Event: Numurkah 3636
Numurkah 3636
Numurkah, a rural township in north Victoria, is about mid-way between Shepparton and the Murray River. It is situated on Broken Creek, in the Murray Valley irrigation area. After the pastoral runs ..
Numurkah 3636Numurkah 3636

View Event: Picola 3639
Picola 3639
Picola is a rural village and district in northern Victoria, 11 km. north-west of Nathalia. Its name is thought to derive from an Aboriginal word either describing an Aboriginal sub-group or meaning w ..
Picola 3639Picola 3639

View Event: Rutherglen 3685
Rutherglen 3685
57 Main Street Rutherglen
Rutherglen is one of Victoria's ultimate wine and food destinations, boasting over 20 award-winning wineries, outstanding restaurants and cafes, and world-class local produce. Also home to some of the ..
Rutherglen 36851800 622 871Rutherglen 3685
57 Main Street

View Event: Shepparton 3630
Shepparton 3630
Greater Shepparton city is a municipality formed on 18 November, 1994, by the union of Shepparton city, most of Rodney shire and parts of Euroa, Goulburn, Tungamah, Violet Town and Waranga Shires. She ..
Shepparton 3630Shepparton 3630

View Event: St James 3727
St James 3727
St. James
St. James, a rural township in northern Victoria, is 12 km. south of Tungamah and 190 km. north-north-east of Melbourne. It is on the railway line between Benalla and Yarrawonga. The name came from ..
St James 3727St James 3727

View Event: Taggerty 3714
Taggerty 3714
Taggerty is a small town and farming district on the Maroondah Highway, 82 km. north-east of Melbourne and 18 km. south of Alexandra. It is in the Acheron Valley and is situated where the Acheron Rive ..
Taggerty 3714Taggerty 3714

View Event: Tallygaroopna 3634
Tallygaroopna 3634
Tallygaroopna is a rural district and small township on the Goulburn Valley highway and railway 15 km. north of Shepparton, in northern Victoria. It was named after the Tallygaroopna pastoral run, whi ..
Tallygaroopna 3634Tallygaroopna 3634

View Event: Tarrawingee 3678
Tarrawingee 3678
Tarrawingee, a rural township on the Ovens Highway in north-eastern Victoria, is 12 km. east of Wangaratta. It is situated in open, relatively flat country immediately north of the Ovens River and the ..
Tarrawingee 3678Tarrawingee 3678

View Event: Toolangi 3777
Toolangi 3777
Toolangi is a rural township and locality 52 km. north-east of Melbourne. It is situated near the Yea River in the Great Dividing Range, and is reached by the Healesville-Kinglake Road. The name is ..
Toolangi 3777Toolangi 3777

View Event: Upotipotpon 3669
Upotipotpon 3669
Upotipotpon is an agricultural district 4 km. north of Violet Town. Its name came from the Upotipotpon pastoral station (1841) of about 16,600 ha., occupying land between Broken River and Stony Creek. ..
Upotipotpon 3669Upotipotpon 3669

View Event: Violet Town 3669
Violet Town 3669
Violet Town
Violet Town is a small community of approx 950 people nestled at the foot of the Strathbogie Ranges in North East Victoria. Violet Town is well known for it's thriving monthly market, renowned for ..
Violet Town 3669Violet Town 3669

View Event: Waaia 3637
Waaia 3637
Waaia is a rural township locality in the Murray Valley irrigation area in northern Victoria. It is approximately mid-way between Nathalia and Numurkah. The name is thought to be derived from an Abori ..
Waaia 3637Waaia 3637

View Event: Wodonga 3689
Wodonga 3689
Wodonga is a provincial city in north-east Victoria, bordered by Albury on the other side of the Murray River. It was named after the Wodonga pastoral run, taken up by Paul Huon in 1836, although it w ..
Wodonga 3689Wodonga 3689

View Event: Wunghnu 3139
Wunghnu 3139
Wunghnu is a rural township in northern Victoria 7 km. south of Numurkah, on the Goulburn Valley Highway and railway between Shepparton and Numurkah. It is situated on Nine Mile Creek in the Murray Va ..
Wunghnu 3139Wunghnu 3139

View Event: Yan Yean 3755
Yan Yean 3755
Yan Yean
Yan Yean, best known for its domestic-water reservoir, is on the Plenty river 30 km. north of Melbourne. The name is thought to be of Aboriginal origin, possibly meaning young man (Yan Yean is recorde ..
Yan Yean 3755Yan Yean 3755

View Event: Yarck 3719
Yarck 3719
Yarck is one of several small township/districts north of Alexandra, and is 92 km. north-east of Melbourne on the Maroondah Highway. Yarck was the name of a cattle station, thought to be derived fr ..
Yarck 3719Yarck 3719

View Event: Yarra Glen 3775
Yarra Glen 3775
Yarra Glen
Yarra Glen is situated a little north of a flood plain through which the Yarra River flows. It has a substantial township which is 40 km. north-east of Melbourne. It was probably named after the Yarra ..
Yarra Glen 3775Yarra Glen 3775

View Event: Yarra Junction 3797
Yarra Junction 3797
Yarra Junction
Yarra Junction is a rural township 2 km. east of where the Little Yarra River joins the Yarra River, 55 km. east of Melbourne. It is on the route between Lilydale and Warburton, and a road branches so ..
Yarra Junction 3797Yarra Junction 3797

View Event: Yarrawonga 3730
Yarrawonga 3730
Yarrawonga is a town on the Murray River, 215 km. north-north-east of Melbourne. It is linked to Mulwala, on the opposite side of the river in New South Wales, by road and railway, and the Mulwala mun ..
Yarrawonga 3730Yarrawonga 3730

View Event: Yarroweyah 3644
Yarroweyah 3644
Yarroweyah is a rural village and district 6 km. west of Cobram in northern Victorian. It is on the branch railway line between Strathmerton and Cobram. Yarroweyah (also spelt Yarroweya), was the n ..
Yarroweyah 3644Yarroweyah 3644

View Event: Yea 3717
Yea 3717
Yea is a town of about 1,000 people 77 km. north-north-east of Melbourne, centrally located in the former Yea shire (1873-1994). It dominated the shire in terms of population, as the other villages or ..
Yea 3717Yea 3717

View Event: Yellingbo 3139
Yellingbo 3139
Yellingbo is a rural district 48 kn. east of Melbourne, south of Woori Yallock. The district was originally named Claxton after the proprietor of the store and post office on the Woori Yallock Cree ..
Yellingbo 3139Yellingbo 3139

View Event: Youanmite 3646
Youanmite 3646
Youanmite is a rural village and district in northern Victoria, 17 km. west of Tungamah and 47 km. north-east of Shepparton. Its name is thought to be derived from an Aboriginal word meaning hill. The ..
Youanmite 3646Youanmite 3646

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