Melbourne Bike Share | Hire

Melbourne Bike Share | Hire

Melbourne Bike Share | HireMelbourne Bike Share is a convenient way to make a short trip in the city.

Bike hire| Simply purchase a subscription that suits you, take a bike when you need it and then return it to one of the 50 bike stations throughout the city.

So whether you're commuting to work, running an errand at lunch or going across town for a meeting or lecture, Melbourne Bike Share extends your public transport options and makes the CBD more accessible than ever before.

There will be 50 bike stations and 600 bikes situated around the Melbourne CBD. There will be a map on the web site showing all of the bike stations and bike facilities. In addition, a map will be displayed on most bike stations and distributed throughout Melbourne.

Melbourne Bike share is operated by RACV and is an initiative of the Victorian Government.

As an individual you can purchase a subscription for a day, week or year and as long as your trips last less than 30 minutes that's all you'll pay.

Annual subscriptions
For only $50 a year you can purchase an annual Melbourne Bike Share Subscription giving you access to a bike anytime of the day or night. Annual subscriptions can be purchased online from May 2010. Once you subscribe, a key will be sent to you in the mail.

Daily & Weekly subscriptions
If you don't need an annual subscription, select either our daily or weekly subscriptions. You can choose from a daily subscription ($2.50 per day) or a weekly subscription ($8.00 per week). Both of these subscriptions can be purchased at one of the 50 terminals around the city of Melbourne. Simply swipe your credit card, complete the registration details and off you go - no additional charges apply as long as your trip lasts less than 30 minutes (Usage fees apply for longer trips).

Corporate Subscriptions
Corporate keys are available for $200 per key. These keys may be transferred between employees and the first hour of each trip is free. For further details see our Corporate page.

All prices are in Australian Dollars

Bike Helmets*
* Changed | From March 2013, many bikes will have a free helmet attached to its handleabrs in a 3 month trial. Alternately, you must bring a helmet or buy one for $5 at a convenience store.

For any enquiries regarding Melbourne Bike Share please phone: 1300 711 590.
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Review February 2018

One clear bike-share scheme winner

Over the past two weeks, I've been trialling Melbourne's two bikeshare schemes while waiting for a bike rack to free up at work.

My experience, on the whole, has been positive, so much so in fact that I've decided to use bikeshare - one of them anyway - as my main mode for getting to work.

I found Melbourne Bike Share's blue bicycles were nicer to ride - if only for the fact that their three gears made the city's gentle hills a bit easier to manage than the single-gear oBike in yellow.

The blue bikes were also usually in better condition. It could be that they have a better maintenance program or that various parts on the yellow bikes, like the brakes, were less sturdy.

But I began to wonder whether the clutter the yellow bikes have been generating also creates a sense of lack of mutual respect that gives some people a green light (at least in their own minds) to cause willful damage?

The biggest surprise, however, was that the yellow bike's main point of differentiation - that they're dockless - turned out to be a major negative rather than the advantage I had assumed.

I expected the dockless yellow bikes to be more convenient.

But the bike was not always there when I left each morning, and quite often I'd have to walk well past the nearest rack of blue bikes before I found one.

Worse still, the bikes were rarely at the location that their smartphone app showed them as being. The experience was particularly excruciating on my way home, where I found myself walking more than a kilometre from where I work in the city, passing a dozen broken or phantom bikes, before I found one I could ride.

The nearest station for blue bikes, in contrast, was only 180 metres away from the office and stock levels displayed on the app were always reliable.

Let's not reinvent the wheel here. The natural state of rest for a bike is in a bike rack.

Racks keep bikes safe from thieves, vandals, and street artists. Most importantly, they ensure bikes are readily available to be ridden.

So if bike share is going to become a bigger part of how Melburnians get around - and there's plenty of reasons why it should - then we are going to need more bike racks.

By creating a market for shared bike racks and requiring bikeshare operators to use them, we could put a price on them that will create a financial incentive for others to invest infrastructure where currently none exists.

The role of local councils would be to mandate the use of shared bike racks and ensure access is open to new service providers - of both bikes and racks - leaving competitive forces uninhibited to invest and innovate.

Separating the operation of bike racks from bikes themselves would mean local shops and small businesses could invest in racks to attract foot traffic and bike-share operators, spurred on by competition, would be more likely to invest in better bikes.

It could even support the rollout of electric bikes.

And with the much larger challenge of transitioning to electric vehicles on the horizon, experimenting with shared bike racks could also prove a great learning opportunity for a future roll-out of charging infrastructure for EVs.

James Pawluk is executive director of The McKell Institute Victoria.

Review Source: This article is from the February 27 issue of The Age Digital Edition. To subscribe, visit

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