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Love Bird by Georgina Harriss

It's Franny's eighth birthday and she's getting her first pet - a cockatiel called Mr Ping Pong. She's always wanted someone to love, and more importantly, someone to love her back.

But when Mr. Ping Pong starts loving their daughter the wrong way, Joan and Richard are thrown into an absurdist parenting nightmare, and must try to remove the deviant bird while conserving what's left of Franny's innocence.

After all, these are her formative years.

Love Bird is a mixture of absurd comedy and twisted kitchen-sink drama, exploring society's fraught relationship with female sexual development.

An original play by Georgina Harriss
Directed by Phoebe Anne Taylor
Produced by Jessica To
Set & Costume Design by Jason Chalmers
Composer & Sound Design by Steve Carnell
Starring Jessica Martin, Beth Liston, Matt Tester, John Marc Desengano & Brendan McFarlane

Content Warning: adult content, sexual themes, strong language

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