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La Prima Donna

LA PRIMA DONNA introduces the audience to the classic style and cast of Commedia dell’arte and tells the story of the first female to take to the stage and become the worlds’ first professional actress.

We decided to elaborate on this story due the current #TimesUp and #MeToo movements involving the female actors of today. It is a light-hearted comparison between the life and times of world’s first actresses and that of the modern female actor.

Fools In Progress will impress you with the way 8 Commedia characters are crammed into this short play and performed masterfully by the two principal actors of the company.

This show has only ever been performed in schools as an educational demonstration – and after 3 years of “keeping it clean” in hundreds of schools around the country – the Fools are looking forward to performing a more “adult” version at the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

With up to 80% improvised content, you can watch this play 5 nights in a row and never once see the same show!

Australia’s own – critically acclaimed, internationally renowned Fools In Progress Theatre Co. lose their fringe festival virginity.

Come let us tickle your funny bone!

Warning: Contains mild coarse language, adult themes(sexual assault or abuse)

“It is no small thing to see a face come more alive under the cover of a mask. It forces a confrontation with the self. Fools in Progress perform with admirable mastery, keeping a tradition alive that is self-evidently worth preserving. …Ben-Jamin Newham’s Truffaldino is a stand out, and worth the price of the ticket alone. Clearly a master of his style, it’s a joy to behold the endless energy and stylistic rhythms that go into this performance. Likewise, the period accuracy of Bianca Bonino is revelatory and engagingly funny. ” Lisa Thatcher (TheatreReview)

“The standout performance is by Ben-jamin Newham who gives an exciting, entrancing performance as Truffaldino, garbed in traditional, multi-coloured costume and soft red hat. Like Puck he is mischievous, meddling, amusing character.” by the buzz from sydney

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