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View Event: Cowes 3922
Cowes 3922
The seaside resort of Cowes is the main settlement on Phillip Island. Phillip Island is situated at the entrance to Westernport Bay, south-east of Melbourne. The town is located on the northern coa ..
Cowes 3922Cowes 3922

View Event: Bunyip 3815
Bunyip 3815
Bunyip is located on the Gippsland railway line, 77 kilometres east of Melbourne. The rich farmland of the former Kooweerup Swamp stretches to the south. The name Bunyip, or Buneep, originates from a ..
Bunyip 3815Bunyip 3815

View Event: Bandiana 3691
Bandiana 3691
Bandiana, consisting mainly of a military establishment, is immediately south-east of Wodonga in north-eastern Victoria. Early authorities state that the name arose from an Aboriginal woman with ba ..
Bandiana 3691Bandiana 3691

View Event: Healesville 3777
Healesville 3777
Healesville is a township 52 km. east-north-east of Melbourne, just south of the Watts River which is a tributary of the Yarra River. Upstream from where Healesville is situated gold was found at New ..
Healesville 3777Healesville 3777

View Event: Cassilis 3898
Cassilis 3898
Cassilis is a former mining settlement, 114 kilometres north of Bairnsdale in East Gippsland. It lies in the narrow valley of Gray's Creek, a tributary of Swift's Creek, itself a tributary of the Tamb ..
Cassilis 3898Cassilis 3898

View Event: Greta 3675
Greta 3675
Greta is a rural district in north-east Victoria had four village centres, all containing the name Greta at some time. The original Greta township on Fifteen Mile Creek is now Greta West, and is 22 km ..
Greta 3675Greta 3675

View Event: Dookie 3646
Dookie 3646
Dookie is a rural township and district 27 km. east-north-east of Shepparton in northern Victoria. The area east of Shepparton is mostly flat, irrigated farm land, but Dookie is set in undulating coun ..
Dookie 3646Dookie 3646

View Event: Buchan 3885
Buchan 3885
Buchan is located twenty-six kilometres north of Nowa Nowa on the Princes Highway and 330 kilometres east of Melbourne. The township lies in the valley of the Buchan River hedged by rounded limestone ..
Buchan 3885Buchan 3885

View Event: Barmah 3639
Barmah 3639
Barmah is a rural village and district on the Murray River in northern Victoria, 23 km. north-east of Echuca and 23 km. west of Nathalia. The journey from Nathalia is more direct than the one from Ech ..
Barmah 3639Barmah 3639

View Event: Chiltern 3683
Chiltern 3683
Chiltern is a township on the Hume Highway in north-eastern Victoria, 35 km. from Wangaratta and midway between there and Wodonga. It is situated on the Black Dog Creek, and began as the Black Dog ..
Chiltern 3683Chiltern 3683

View Event: Nagambie 3608
Nagambie 3608
The town of Nagambie is located in a pastoral and agricultural region between Seymour and Shepparton, on the shores of the picturesque Lake Nagambie. Nagambie is an attractive holiday spot, offerin ..
Nagambie 3608Nagambie 3608

View Event: Geelong West 3218
Geelong West 3218
Geelong West
Geelong West is a residential suburb immediately adjoining Geelong on Corio Bay, which is on the western side of Port Phillip Bay. Between 29 May, 1875, and 18 May, 1993, Geelong West was also a munic ..
Geelong West 3218Geelong West 3218

View Event: Kialla & Kialla West 3631
Kialla & Kialla West 3631
The Kialla district is in the Goulburn Valley irrigation area, 10 km. south of Shepparton in northern Victoria. It is thought that the name was derived from that of an Aboriginal sub-tribal group. The ..
Kialla & Kialla West 3631Kialla & Kialla West 3631

View Event: Bundalong 3730
Bundalong 3730
Bundalong is a rural locality on the Murray River in north-eastern Victoria, 15 km. east of Yarrawonga. It overlooks the river where it is joined by the Ovens River and widens to the east end of Lake ..
Bundalong 3730Bundalong 3730

View Event: Edi & Edi Upper 3678
Edi & Edi Upper 3678
Edi is on the king River, 35 km. south of Wangaratta in north-east Victoria. Edi Upper, 8 km. south-east of Edi, is on Black Range Creek which is a tributary of the King River. The name Edi came fr ..
Edi & Edi Upper 3678Edi & Edi Upper 3678

View Event: Benambra 3900
Benambra 3900
Benambra, on the plains about 24 kilometres north of Omeo in East Gippsland, is predominantly a grazing district. The land was first taken up in the mid 1830s by squatters from the Monaro searching fo ..
Benambra 3900Benambra 3900

View Event: Castlemaine 3450
Castlemaine 3450
The Castlemaine locality was originally named Forest Creek where a rich alluvial goldfield was discovered in 1851. In the following year a town was surveyed and named Castlemaine after the estate of V ..
Castlemaine 3450Castlemaine 3450

View Event: Bright 3741
Bright 3741
The attractive holiday township of Bright is situated on the scenic Great Alpine Road between Porepunkah and Harrietville in the beautiful Ovens Valley. Bright is a popular tourist centre due to it ..
Bright 3741Bright 3741

View Event: Churchill 3842
Churchill 3842
In 1970 a new town had been established by the Housing Commission in the Parish of Hazelwood, to supply accomodation for State Electricity Commission workers and their families. The town was planned w ..
Churchill 3842Churchill 3842

View Event: Delatite 3723
Delatite 3723
Delatite shire is north-east of Melbourne, its nearest point to Melbourne being the Eildon Weir. Its southern end is near Mount Matlock, and contains the rugged headwaters of the Goulburn River, immed ..
Delatite 3723Delatite 3723

View Event: Balmattum 3666
Balmattum 3666
Balmattum is a pastoral district north-east of Melbourne between Euroa and Violet Town. It was named after Balmattum Hill, a small range immediately south-west of Euroa. If the range is viewed from ..
Balmattum 3666Balmattum 3666

View Event: Drouin 3818
Drouin 3818
Drouin is 92 kilometres south-east of Melbourne, on the rail and road routes from Melbourne to Gippsland. The town is supposedly named after a Frenchman who invented a chlorination process for the ext ..
Drouin 3818Drouin 3818

View Event: Katandra West 3634
Katandra West 3634
Katandra West is a rural township in northern Victoria between Shepparton and Tungamah. It is situated in flat farmland which is irrigated by the East Goulburn Main Channel. Katandra was named afte ..
Katandra West 3634Katandra West 3634

View Event: Gruyere 3770
Gruyere 3770
Gruyere is a rural area 43 km. east of Melbourne, extending eastwards from Coldstream to the Yarra River. The name was adopted at the suggestion of local Swiss vigneron, Paul de Castella. In commo ..
Gruyere 3770Gruyere 3770

View Event: Yea 3717
Yea 3717
Yea is a town of about 1,000 people 77 km. north-north-east of Melbourne, centrally located in the former Yea shire (1873-1994). It dominated the shire in terms of population, as the other villages or ..
Yea 3717Yea 3717

View Event: Lima 3673
Lima 3673
Lima is a rural district comprising the physical features of Lima Creek, Lima Valley and the smaller localities of Lima East and Lima South. The area is generally 25 km south of Benalla, set in un ..
Lima 3673Lima 3673

View Event: Everton 3678
Everton 3678
Everton, a rural township in north-east Victoria, is 22 km. east-south-east of Wangaratta and about midway between there and Beechworth. It is on the Ovens Highway, in flat to undulating country. Abou ..
Everton 3678Everton 3678

View Event: Bullumwaal 3875
Bullumwaal 3875
Bullumwaal, sometimes spelt Bulumwaal, is located along Boggy Creek, twenty nine kilometres north of Bairnsdale in East Gippsland. Gold was found in Boggy Creek in 1857. There were soon 1,000 people l ..
Bullumwaal 3875Bullumwaal 3875

View Event: Macclesfield 3782
Macclesfield 3782
Macclesfield is a hilly rural district 47 km. east of Melbourne, immediately north of Emerald. The area was first penetrated by miners who found gold in the Macclesfield Creek in 1865. The name is ..
Macclesfield 3782Macclesfield 3782

View Event: Badger Creek 3777
Badger Creek 3777
Badger Creek
Badger Creek, a rural and urban settlement, is 53 km. north-east of Melbourne and 6 km. south of Healesville. It adjoins the Healesville Sanctuary and the former Coranderrk Aboriginal Station, now the ..
Badger Creek 3777Badger Creek 3777


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