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Ken K Chung | By Hand

By Hand is an ongoing series of illustrations embodying craft, process and communication.

The main collection is large scale illustrations informed by pointillism in its approach, incorporating photography in its process, and is accompanied by collage and sculptures.

Within each piece is an abstracted statement and response revolving around the theme of impermanence - a Buddhist concept where change and transience is observed, questioned and meditated upon. Here the practice of stippling reflects the repetition of mantras during mediation and the exhibited works present the accumulative process and journey of creation and its final form as a whole.

Each illustration is titled subjectively with labels such as 'Ambition' and 'Obstacle;' named from my own perspective as I create and contemplate the challenges of each piece and the task I have set before me.

The relationships of the stacked rocks and crystal, evocative hand gestures, collage and sculptures further elaborate my thoughts behind the illustrations and aim to illicit the viewer's own interpretation of the subjects. Furthermore to encourage contemplation of the creative processes involved, mindfulness of one's own place amongst a whole and the hidden languages we share through images and gestures; craft, process and communication.

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