How to Unlock Vodafone Mobile Phone

How to Unlock Vodafone Mobile Phone

How to Unlock Vodafone Mobile PhoneI was given a Vodafone live! Motorola V550 mobile phone with red SIM starter pack. I am contracted to Telstra, so I did not want a second mobile phone number or another mobile contract..

So, how do you unlock a Vodafone Mobile Phone?

A visit to the Vodafone web site, led me to Unlocking your handset - simple to follow instructions for unlocking the phone.

Vodafone can only unlock phones purchased from a Vodafone outlet in Australia.

Your handset may be locked to the Vodafone Australia GSM network. If you wish to use your mobile on other networks, Vodafone will supply your handset unlock code free of charge.

You are able to retrieve your free unlock code in one of two ways:

Complete and submit the Handset Unlocking Request Form
Write a letter to:
Vodafone Handset Unlocking,
Reply Paid PO BOX 2580,
Kingston Delivery Centre,
TAS, 7050

So that we can provide you with your handset unlocking code you will need to include in the letter the following details:

Mobile Number
IMEI number

I personally completed the online form and questionaire (5 minutes) and received this message: Thank you. It will take 2 business days to process your request.

In order to receive your unlock code and unlocking instructions you will need to log back into this website using your IMEI AND/OR Mobile numbers.

10 out of 10 Vodafone! As soon as my contract expires, I will be moving over!

Handset Serial Number (IMEI): 15 digits
Mobile Phone Number:
Australian Victoria

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How to Unlock Vodafone Mobile Phone

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